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Fix balances for showdown

killerkiller Member Posts: 1,214
IMO SC has really screwed up balances of the characters with respect to showdown and should fix it.

If all characters of equal level are balanced, they are still unbalanced with respect to the showdown game mode. This is because their characters do not have equal access to level ups.

My level 6 bull can open a chest in 3 shots.
My level 6 Nita takes 7 shots.

A bull can open the chests twice as fast making them imbalanced very quickly.

Then there’s piper who to open a chest has to get as far away from it as possible making it a lot harder to get chests.

I won’t list all the characters. But I think the characters are not balanced in this mode due to this. I would suggest characters have a separate stat dealing with chest damage making it so all characters have an equal chance to power up.

As it is, some characters are really easy to grind for cups through showdown while others are significantly more difficult because the mode isn’t fair to them.
Two decks:
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