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It's been a great run, but this site just isn't worth the cost of keeping it up anymore. It will remain open through to the end of the month.

Thanks for a great run!

Brawl stars is Hosting an AMA on the reddit. Go ask them anything you would like to know!

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They'll be answering questions during their Worktime! Hopefully some sneak peeks and extra Info!

Relevant answers:
Q: Can you guys do something about coins? I have a ton and they are worthless when you have no more brawlers to max out or when you need to wait to unlock one.

A: Yes, we are thinking about some solutions and already have a few ideas. There is some other pre-requisites we have to take care of before and it is not our highest priority. Currently about 1-2% of our players are in this situation - myself included. ;)
Q: Now that we are global, how often are you guys hoping to pump out new brawlers?

  • December/January: Leon
  • February: Gene
  • March: Carl
  • April: ... ?

New Brawlers keep the game fresh and exciting. We are quite happy with the current cadence - but I wouldn't go so far to say it's a "rule" that we will have new Brawlers every month. Sometimes it will make more sense to introduce other new features to the game.
TL;DR: In 2019 you can expect quite a few new Brawlers.
Q: Will Tara ever get a remodel?

A: Yes. :)
The following Brawlers still require polish/reworks, in no specific order (but yes, Bo is a high priority).
  • Bo
  • Crow
  • Darryl (base)
  • El Primo
  • Pam
  • Piper
  • Tara
Frank, Jessie and Penny also will see minor improvements.
Q: Is there interest in bring activities or events that promote club teammwork like the clan wars in Clash Royale into Brawl Stars?

A: Interest - Definitely! Though we don't have a solid idea nailed down yet. We've brainstormed this a lot, but would love to hear ideas from you guys.
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