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Upcoming balance changes and bug fixes!!

SamirMishraSamirMishra Member Posts: 353
Balance Changes! Not sure if these will be live with the update


● Decreased Super duration from 4.0 sec to 3.0 sec

● Decreased Star power healing from 300 per sec to 200 per sec

● Needs now 10 hits instead of 9 to fully charge up Super

● Main attack effect now better matches the area where damage is dealt


● Frank's Super now again stuns the Siege base for the full duration


● Carl can now pre-aim his main attack while using Super

● Carl now has a much shorter cooldown for the main attack (can use the main attack more rapidly when the Pickaxe returns after a wall hit)

Bug Fixes

● Fixed multiple UI issues

● Fixed a bug that gave access to locked skins in the Training Cave

● Fixed an issue with character health bars being displayed incorrectly after being revealed from stealth

● Fixed issues related to player status display in teams

● Fixed partially underwater launch pads on Showdown map Flying Fantasies

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  • JcttehTheWiseJcttehTheWise Moderator Posts: 2,033
    I mean, Rosa nerf, yay, but… Carl buff???!!! That just ruins everything. Meta will remain awful, maybe a bit better tan the current one, but still horrible.

    It also pisses me off because I personally loved Carl before he got the attack speed buff, because his skill cap was above average, since you couldn't just aim to the enemy brawler as the rest, you were obligated to use wall bounce to your advantage, resulting on really cool plays. After the buff, I rarelly see a Carl taking advantage of this ability, just aiming as any other brawler because his current attack speed (with star power) is absurdly fast.
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