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Biggest Community Requested Feature! SECONDARY STAR POWERS! Full List Of All Star Powers!!

SamirMishraSamirMishra Member Posts: 353
edited June 26 in Brawl Stars
New Star Powers

Every Brawler is getting a new Star Power. They will be released throughout the summer, so stay tuned! You can only equip one Star Power at a time. They can be equipped on the Brawler selection screen or in the Main Menu. They are available in Brawl Boxes and Shop offers. Star Powers can now be selected in the Main Menu and Brawler Menu.

Shelly - Band-Aid: When Shelly falls below 40% health, she instantly returns to full health. Band-Aid recharges in 20.0 seconds

Nita - Hyper Bear: Nita’s bear attacks faster. The time between swipes is reduced by 50%

Colt - Magnum Special: Colt’s main attack range and bullet speed are increased by 11%

Bull - Tough Guy: When Bull falls below 40%, health he gains a shield that reduces all damage taken by 30%

Jessie - Shocky: Scrappy, the Turret, now shoots energy orbs that bounce between enemies

Brock - Rocket Number Four: Brock finally gains one more rocket, increasing his ammo capacity

Dynamike - Demolition: Adds +1000 damage to Mike’s Super

Bo - Snare a Bear: Instead of a knockback, Bo’s traps now stun the enemy for 2.0 seconds

El Primo - Meteor Rush: El Primo gains 32% speed boost for 5.0 seconds after using Super

Barley - Extra Noxious: Adds +140 damage per second to Barley’s attack

Poco - Screeching Solo: Poco’s Super now also hits enemies, dealing 1200 damage

Rosa - Thorny Gloves: Rosa’s punches gain +200 damage during her Super

Rico - Robo Retreat: When Rico falls below 40% health, he runs 34% faster

Darryl - Rolling Reload: When Darryl uses his Super, he reloads 3.0 ammo instantly

Penny - Balls of Fire: Cannonballs from Penny’s turret set the ground on fire for 3 seconds. Enemies in the burning area take 400 damage per second

Carl - Protective Pirouette: During Carl’s Super, all damage he receives is reduced by 30%

Piper - Snappy Sniping: When Piper hits an enemy (turrets and bots included) with her attack, she reloads 0.5 ammo instantly

Pam - Mama's Squeeze: Healing turret now also damages enemies for 300 damage per second

Frank - Sponge: Frank gains +1000 health

Bibi - Batting Stance: When Bibi’s Homerun bar is fully charged, she shields herself from all damage by 30%

Mortis - Coiled Snake: Mortis gains a Dash Bar! His dash range is increased by 100% when the bar is fully charged. It takes 3.0 seconds for the bar to charge when Mortis has all three dashes ready

Tara - Healing Shade: Tara’s Super cracks open a dimensional portal! A shadowy version of Tara’s appears to heal Tara and her teammates

Gene - Pat on the Back: Hitting teammates with Gene’s Super now heals them for 2000 health

Spike - Curveball: Spikes from cactus grenade fly in a curving motion, making it easier to hit targets

Crow - Carrion Crow: Crow deals +100 damage with his attack and Super to targets (turrets and bots included) with 50% or less health

Leon - Invisiheal - Leon recovers 600 health per second while his Super is active

Tick - Automa-Tick Reload: Tick's reload time is 15% shorter
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