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[Update] Trophy Balance Changes!!

SamirMishraSamirMishra Member Posts: 354
It’s now much faster and easier to gain Trophies!

We felt that it was still too difficult to progress to 500 Trophies and beyond. With these changes today, our goal is to improve the Trophy Progression experience in general and to make Star Points more accessible for you. This change should encourage playing Brawlers even after reaching Rank 20 and, therefore, will reward you with more Star Points.

We understand that this doesn’t address all of your feedback and that it’s not an immediate fix for the removal of the Token Rewards at the end of a Season. While it’s not fun missing out on Season rewards, we intend to improve our Star Point system over time and make it more valuable for you, for example by including non-cosmetic items like Big Boxes (or similar) to the Star Shop with the next update.

Today, Star Point rewards don’t feel as good as they should. Yes, it does feel frustrating to receive +1 Star Point at the end of the season after reaching 500’ish Trophies. We will consider different ways to calculate Star Points at a later point in order to improve this.

Thank you for all the feedback and for reading this post - please keep it coming! We apologize for the bad experience that you might have had with this update.

So here are the new Trophy Progression values:

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