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D1Nonline's Upcoming Cards Spoiler & More

D1NonlineD1Nonline Member Posts: 34
edited July 10 in Ideas & Feature Requests
D1Nonline here! I will only just lay the names of my new card concepts because im in the middle of fiddling all of it....and some add ons for the Clash Royale


New Cards :
1. Sword Princess
2. Sand Bandits
3. ____ Dweller
4. Barrel Master
5. Repair Spell
6. Water Dragon
7. Spirit Barrel
8. Snow Cannon
9. Rock Wizard
10. Royal Guards
11. Machinery
12. Bat Colony

New Seasons
1. Sandstorm
2. Mist

New gamemodes
1. Mirror Draft
-will be choosing like the normal draft but what you pick is also what the other will have
2. Random extra card
-sometimes there will be a random card will appear in your normal deck


D1Nonline out.


  • NukedPenguinNukedPenguin Member Posts: 226

    Looking forward to the Sand Bandits, and Cave(?) Dweller.

    Good idea with the new modes, particularly the Mirror Draft.
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