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[Card Ideas] Clash Cart and Curtain Ghost

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sup mates' ferrell34 here!
I know, i know, it's very weird to create a card idea thread at the last day of the forums. But for me, it would leave a bad taste in my tongue to not contribute any ideas anytime near the last breath. I don't care if this doesn't receive enough attention or even a READ, all i care is that i am able to leave the same way i came.

Of course, any replies or thoughts will be HIGHLY appreciated.

I am so sorry if this is way shorter than my previous card idea threads. Since i intendedly rushed it. About the idea though, it's actually has been in my notes since last month but was unable to come out as a thread due to all the work i had been having for the last few weeks.

Did i think this through? Are they even interesting? Let's find out!

Two Words. Epic Delivery. Push and Back this Monster up all the way to victory! What it does? Overall Nothing.. but Overall Eyecatching!

- High HP Troop (tank)
- Targets specifically Towers (just Crown Towers, no other Buildings!)
- Once it reaches it's target, it unleashes Ram Damage towards it, then it becomes immobile and harmless afterwards
- Renders any troop targeting enemy units nearby to prioritize it and ignores other targets (your nearby allies)

Cost: 5 Elixir | Rarity: Rare | Type: Troop
(Tournament Standard)
HP: 1725|Ram Damage: 254|Target: Towers|Speed: Fast|Range: Medium Melee|Deploy Time: 2 sec

1. Total Troop Tanking
Unlike other tanks, Clash Cart is the best at saving it's support away from danger (unless spells are involved). Despite being one of the worst offensive card on solo punishing, Clash Cart is definitely one of your greatest fear to face if you just rely on a one man army defense such as P.E.K.K.A., EWiz, Mega Knight, and so on. Reason? Clash Cart pulls them away from your support troops in the push.
If your enemy pairs Clash Cart with Inferno Dragon or Sparky, you don't have anything to stop them from melting your potential counterpush units. You may be expecting a near-draw result from it but be warned that Clash Cart can easily land damage on your tower if not careful.
2. Perfect Spam Agro
Like Ram Rider, Clash Cart has a potential on kiting spam pushes from your opponent and connects to the tower. You could also do this to certain air pushes.

It suffocates it's targets with itself, isolating them from their allies support. Not a fun experience from both sides.

- Mediocre DPS Troop
- Before attacking it's target, it jumps on them first; Afterwards, it wraps itself around the target, allowing only the target to attack it* and be rendered invisible (the Curtain Ghost) to other nearby enemies while constantly dealing damage to the target
- Once wrapped, it cannot release it's target no matter unless the target is killed or itself dies
*Forces it's target to retarget to it in the process. If the target is a Building targeter, they cannot attack the Curtain Ghost wrapped to them, thus making it invicible until they die unless "spelled" to death

Cost: 3 Elixir | Rarity: Rare | Type: Troop
(Tournament Standard)
HP: 900|Damage: 171|DPS: 122|Hitspeed: 1.4 sec|Target: Ground|Speed: Fast|Range: Short Melee|Jump Range: 3.5 tiles|Deploy Time: 1 sec

1. Solo Pressure/ Punishing
You know, the usual, sending the troop to force reaction out of opponents. However unlike other pressures, this one stands out it's dominance againts Ice Golem. Remember, when it attacks, it renders itself invisible to other enemy units other than the target. And fortunately, Ice Golem don't fight back. So they have to send a more powerful unit that fights back, such as Knight or Mini Pekka. Still though, overall, it's either the same cost or higher.
So use Curtain Ghost to punish enemies for putting all their cheap cost cards out of rotation.
2. Support Proof Tank Mauler
Another advantage of it's main ability. When facing Beatdown pushes, you could use Curtain Ghost to take care of the tank without worrying the support in the back. Such as Golem NW push. For Siege attacks, use your Curtain Ghost to wrap their Siege after luring their spells and moving away their supports. Curtain Ghost renders Mortar dead harmless.

So what do you think?
Is it a good concept? Are they interesting?
Tell me in the comments below!
Thanks for reading mates.. and Have a Nice Day! :+1:
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