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  • Short term oddity or are a lot of the bad players switching to spawner decks?

    Giorgakis wrote: »
    MathChamp wrote: »
    And by looking at all that gold you have, you could easily level up your cards to have them at high levels.

    @TheNewGuyM8 Please edit your own post instead of making multiple new ones.

    And with the rate that this thread is going, it will be extremely toxic. Please try to keep it civil and not throw insults at each other, or this thread will have to be closed very soon (with infractions if necessary).

    I think we went out of topic. Better close this thread.

    We went off topic like five pages ago...
  • Short term oddity or are a lot of the bad players switching to spawner decks?

    Overleveled cards don't even exist. I see no level 14 commons and level 20 epics. All I see are people who level up their cards and those who choose not to.
  • Short term oddity or are a lot of the bad players switching to spawner decks?

    Shaggs wrote: »
    Killer.... if making up a story up helps you sleep at night, who am I to stop you...

    I’m not sure what you are referring to here. If you mean when I said I dropped after using deckbuilder I posted about this is a separate thread prior to mentioning it to you. You can see the thread here so I think this clearly is not making up a story....

    You can't dispute the fact that you have several maxed cards, hundreds of trophies below your personal best, and only win at this range when you have a card level advantage! This is shown in your recent battle history log.....

    You can see where I am now. I am 200 cups below my personal best. You’ll also note that I have only been using my rhog deck which has 1 maxxed card and the rest are 11s and 12s, feel free to check my profile to confirm.

    I have never lost a game on purpose.... season resent drops me.... what is your excuse? all of those bad players out there? Try not to be a bully and say people are "Bad Players" if they beat you..... which seems to happen a lot.

    I’m a little confused as this seems problematic with your earlier post:
    “My clan is full of adults who hit 4k a year ago with no desire to go any higher.... myself included.... very skilled players, but just sit at the 4k line..... a year in the same spot gives you a very large card advantage.....”

    Its a little unclear how you and your clanmates sit at 4k over a year with a very large card advantage? You say you are all very skilled and you have a card lvl advantage... yet you stay at 4k and don’t lose on purpose. Something doesn’t add up.
  • Keep One, Drop One

    Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis Hail
  • Keep One, Drop One

    Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis Mail :crsmirk:
  • New card

    This isn't too special to be honest; it's essentially a Knight on full sprint, with a ranged attack that is weaker than a Musketeer. I'm also presuming that if he isn't facing enemies, he attacks the tower at melee range instead, which is only as effective as one Elite Barbarian, which equates to 3 elixir.
    I will say, he has a unique advantage/disadvantage where he can be distracted no matter how close he is to the tower, if he hasn't connected yet. This can either mean that he can't finish the tower in a clutch situation, but he can also attack enemies behind his back before he gets on with the next job at hand. This is similar to the Royal Ghost where enemies have to be wary when placing down their defending cards, whether they want them to be targeted or not.

    I would also want to point out on the actual card design with a couple of tips; first of all, the description of the card isn't a long description of how the card works. It's a short and simple brief on what the card does, with maybe a bit of humour hinted in. If it goes beyone 6 lines of text, you would likely have gone too far.
    Second thing is the math. 116 damage every 0.7 seconds isn't 135DPS; it's 165DPS. The Musketeer for comparison has 160DPS and the Knight has 139DPS. This should give you a good idea on how powerful it is.

    Speaking of which, the only powerful stat this thing has is its health in comparison to its speed. It will deal a big chunk of damage if left alone, however I think it needs a bit of a rework, which you may or may not agree with:
    Hit Points Decreased by 5.4% (1280)
    Elixir Cost Decreased to 3
    This would essentially mean that he is a lower damaging, lower cost Lumberjack that can be distracted easier, without the Rage ability, but can definitely put people off guard with his added troop specific ranged attacks.

    Hope this helped :crsmirk:
    - KN11F3D
  • Oh baby a triple game

    Bats for the win

    Mega Knight, Minion Hoard, Inferno Dragon.
  • Short term oddity or are a lot of the bad players switching to spawner decks?

    Lotsa giant skeletons until around 4k where they start to become a rarity. But 3900 to low 4k has a loooot of card level disparities. Some really bad players with really high card levels.

    Btw giogakis.... I do put down a lot of RG players cause so many are in the overleveled camp (see above). But may I say you seem to be an exception!
  • Short term oddity or are a lot of the bad players switching to spawner decks?

    Shaggs wrote: »
    killer wrote: »
    Could be a weird anomaly but a lot of the bad players today seem to be switching to full spawner decks. By bad players I’m talking about the players who are always a level or two above the average. Usually the bad players all play RG and ebarbs but I’ve played against 4 full spawner decks today where usually I see zero.

    4 seems pretty high for an anomaly (one is usually odd... 4 is nuts)

    Anyone noticed this?

    Why do you call everyone "bad Players" because they don't play the game the way you want them too? .... Are the people that beat you this issue?

    I call them bad because they are bad. Its common knowledge that players who have higher level cards then their opponents are weak opponents. Anyone playing will notice that the players who always have multiple cards one or more higher then average for a particular cup range favor certain cards. For instance right now at 4k area you will mostly see lvl10 or 11 players with corresponding card levels. But if a lvl13 player is there battling people 2-3 card levels lower.... they inevitably are ebarb or RG players. And they are bad seeing that they are levels above their opponents.

    Regarding me, I sometimes lose to them but its always at a significant card level disadvantage. Its pretty rare for these opponents to win battles in a remotely close fight.
  • Mess up the name of the person above you

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