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  • Reached 4.3k as a level 9


    My current deck. Great minds think alike. Nice job!
  • Reached 4.3k as a level 9

    My first time in league II. After reaching league I, I gave up on ladder pushing for sometime. With the new reset, thought I would give II a shot. I would say ladder has improved (though not a lot). 4.2K+ was almost all level 12s with max/max-1 cards. However, 4-4.2 K has some level 11s now with max-2 cards, which wasn't the case when I pushed to league I.

    My card levels weren't super low, but again I feel you need some levels with the cards I played.

    Giant (10, my win con), Sparky (3), Minion Horde (12, you have to overlevel for ladder), mega (9), zap (10), arrows (11, you have to have this at 11 to kill max hordes which are all over), barrel (6), skarmy (5, level doesn't really matter).
  • The Battle Blimp - KN11F3D

    Look who managed to make their way back into the Forums :crsmirk:

    I managed to finally make a new card after all these months, and it is huge. Not just by the size of it, but it could potentially change the entire game and it's meta.

    Here it is... behold... the mighty Battle Blimp!
    Battle Blimp - 9 Elixir - Legendary
    Hit Points - 2312
    Damage Per Second - 110
    Area Damage - 88
    Splash Damage Radius - 1.5 tiles
    Hit Speed - 0.8 seconds
    Range - Melee
    Targets - Buildings
    Spawns - PEKKA (Level 1)
    Speed - Slow
    Deploy Time - 2 seconds

    PEKKA Level 1
    Hit Points - 2600
    Damage Per Second - 283
    Damage - 510
    Hit Speed - 1.8sec
    Deploy Time - 1 second (Hidden)

    Hidden Stats:
    - The Blimp automatically drops bombs, even if there is nothing there; leaving a line of area denial on its way to buildings and towers.
    - The PEKKA has a hidden 1 second deploy time to ensure that, once dropped, she doesn't instantly go slaying at the tower. There will be time to distract beforehand.
    - The PEKKA will drop as soon as the Blimp hits it's first building or tower, or if it dies first.
    - The Battle Blimp is the heaviest air unit in the game, and is capable of pushing anything with ease. It also stops it from being pushed away from buildings as easily.
    - The Tornado cannot pull this card. It will only immobilise it for the 2.5 seconds it lasts for.

    OP I hear you all say? Let me go over a couple of things that at least redeems this card for being balanced.

    The concept of the card is to be a flying tank, carrying a melee glass cannon; an idea I had been inspired from another game. When I first thought of the idea, it would have been sensible to try out the Mini Tanks first. My first test subject was an Elite Barbarian, followed by the Mini PEKKA, which worked wonders in taking on an Arena Tower; but when it came to facing the King, having him and another Arena Tower attacking at the same time became harder to judge than it looked.
    I needed to think bigger. From the tests that I had managed, only PEKKA shone through to be devastating enough to destroy the King single handedly, but at least defendable. The reason I didn't go for a level 4 PEKKA though was because although it killed the tower in a similar time, it would have way too much HP left over.

    In the finished product, providing that the Battle Blimp is ignored (not that you would want to ignore it), PEKKA finished the game with 654hp remaining.

    The other 9 elixir card, which I'm sure you're all familiar with, is the 3 Musketeers. They are capable of wiping out the Arena Tower and the King Tower in 25.2 seconds because of their raw power. The Battle Blimp will manage to take on both towers in 33.2 seconds, and is likely to be the main attraction in panic mode moments in the meantime.

    Counter Strategies:
    - Pull the Blimp with a building to the middle, where both towers can fire. It should bring the Blimp down low enough to deal with the PEKKA as normal.
    - Pull the Blimp into a close building and deploy the PEKKA early. Then pull him away from the Blimp and deal with them separately.
    - Brute force is also a solid option. If you have the troops, it is possible to take on the Blimp and the PEKKA in one go, but watch out for counterpushes in the other lane.
    - Panic.

    Hope you all enjoyed this one, and look forward to seeing me again in the future... if you'll ever see me again.
  • [One and Only] Giant Skeleton card discussion

    Giorgakis, i think that minor interaction buff is too... minor. I mean, according to the most effective tactic of using GS: GS aren't used for deadly-3 crown push.. so it won't make it better i think. I do get that the buff doesn't make GS overpowered, only to make him more popular. But it won't do it imo.

    Also, the buff shouldn't make GS broken like MasterCal stated above. (Of course, i'm not stating your changes makes GS broken, it's fine... i'm just sayin')

    I think.. the best way to buff GS is to decrease his sight range. Like a tile, from 5.5 to 4.5 tiles. This should make GS better on offense, without being broken in defense since he'll harder to pull by enemy troops such as Ice Golem with this change (or not even pullable by it). IMO this buff is pretty minor but it covers up most of the minor problems it has.
  • Ideas for New Badges on the Forums

    Just saw this. I love the idea of "Forum Rules Reader" badge :crsmirk:
  • Zygarde's AMA (Fresh and New)

    The answer to the riddle is a reference to Adam and Eve, Adam ate the fruit and was thus given sin, and the ultimate price for sin was death.

    Bad riddle to be honest

    What's your favorite meal?

    Hmm, I'm Asian so my favorite meal would be, Rice + Chicken Curry.

    Do you consider yourself superior to other people?


    Ever watched the RWBY series?

    No, what's that?

    What's your favorite character from a movie?

    The Joker from The Dark Knight, easily the best villain

    Favorite song

    My favorite song isn't English, so there's no point answering this

    Favorite genre of music?


    Favorite card idea that wasn't yours?

    I don't remember many card ideas right now. But, Dragon Lancer I guess.

    Any good at baking?


    Ever burnt something so bad that it was literally completely black? (I mean like a baking item)


    lol, I'm just spitting out whatever first comes to mind.[/quote]

    ferrell34 wrote: »
    Favourite Forum Rule? :crsmirk:

    Rule 21, never mess with Zygarde :crsmirk:
    Lobelia wrote: »
    What are your pronouns? (you know,to refer to you in the forums)

    Zyg / Zygarde / Zyggy, that's what most people call me

    Answers in Bold
  • 3V3&4V4

    The game will usually end up in stalemates since there really are no pushes 3/4 players cannot stop with a couple splash units. It will result in too much draws and meaning no chest rewards or anything most the time.
  • 5K...finally!

    It took me a long time, but getting PEKKA and BD to level 7 two weeks ago not only helped me break Master, but also helped me break the 5k mark.

    Next up: getting LJ and Ice Wiz to level 4 and see if I can break the 6k mark. That is going to take a long time :scream:, but that is what I get for choosing a deck made up of 3 leggies and 3 epics =).

  • Gunstorm deck

    Bring this deck into the arena and unleash the gunstorm!
    No other battles have ever been louder!

    Musketeer: the hot shot of the battalion, her damage can effectively take our or assist on an oncoming tank as well as some pesky goblins!

    Mortar: wanting to make the opponent waste a bunch of cards at the bridge? Deploy this mortar and back it up with some troops for some positive elixir trade and maybe some extra damage on that tower.

    Hunter: oh no! Is that a balloon? A swarm? Or a tank? Well, there is no need to worry since the hunter will t them down!

    Flying machine: sometimes the musketeer needs to take some break, but the flying machine never rest! It will be readily for use and substitution.

    Knight: he maybe unable to carry a menacing looking firearm, but his armor can for sure help him last longer and protect the others


    Cannon: yes, that is a cannon giorgakis :trollface: , say how useless it is all you want but that is the reason why it can stall your enemies because it is too pointless to even try getting rid of it.

    Ice spirit: I think we need a cooler after all of the ricocheting and firing

    This deck have a low average cost meaning that you won’t find yourself not having any playable cards too often, there aren’t much flaws in this deck since swarms, tanks, and air units are already covered, even the hog rider can’t do anything agaisnt a well placed hunter. The biggest problem of this deck can be it’s lack of win conditions, but cards can stack up very fast and almost unstoppable without at least a medium spell.

  • Royal Recruits Challenge Discussion

    I won 11 battles and opened the card! The card is okay. I used it when I had it and generally picked it but more because I like trying new cards. Its still early but I didn’t think it was a hindrance or OP. I’m not sure yet if I see myself wanting to adopt it to a deck. (And while I have it at lvl8, it won’t be ladder ready for months (years?)
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