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King's Cup II special offers

All prices are based on arena 11 chests in US dollars:

Giant chest + 10K gold = 4.99$ (x2 value)

Legendary Chest 45K gold = 19.99$ (x2 value)

Super Magical Chest + 100K gold + 3.5K gems = 49.99$ (x2 value)


  • RiriRiri Posts: 194Member
    And what's the point of this thread again?
  • mmmaka3mmmmaka3m Posts: 12Member
    edited October 2017
    Riri wrote: »
    And what's the point of this thread again?

    Discussion about the offers and how bad they're getting over time.

    Instead of buying these offers buying gems and playing challenges will give you more value.

    For example as mentioned by "MakeTheMostOfLife" on the forum instead of paying 5$ for giant chest, You can buy 500 gems and play classic challenges, Even getting just 6 wins every time gets you 29,500 gold, and more cards.

    Edit: Ok, now I see what you mean. There was another thread on this issue, sorry.
  • RiriRiri Posts: 194Member
    It's a higher risk to play challenges sooo....
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