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Clan Chat Bumping Rule **PLEASE READ**

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If you have read the rules (which you should have) then you should have noticed rule rule 4:
Zygarde wrote: »
4. Bumping a thread is strictly forbidden. BUMP stands for 'Bring Up My Post'. Posting anything just to only bring the thread to the top of the sub-forum counts as bumping. You are not allowed to bump your thread. This rule is an exception in the Clan Chat and Tournaments & Events sub-forum, where you are allowed to bump your thread once a day. You can also reasonably bump your thread in the Ideas & Feature Requests sub-forum. Note that this rule excludes reply to a thread to add something to the discussion or reply to someone else's post or question. Necromancing a thread is also forbidden. Necromancing counts as bumping or posting in a thread which is very old. However, posting a really constructive reply in a very old thread to re-start the discussion will be allowed. What counts as Necromancing a thread and what doesn't will always be decided by the staff.

On the Clan Chat subforum, you may bump your clan thread only once per day (once every 24 hours). If other people are contributing to a discussion in reply to your clan then it is not considered bumping. If you made an agreement with other clanmates to bump the thread, then they need to make sure that all bumps (regardless of who bumped) are 24 hours apart. Failure to comply with this guideline may result in your thread being deleted, or even an infraction.

You may only post one clan advertisement thread. If the clan advertisement thread is outdated, then you may post a new one, provided that you do not bump the old clan advertisement anymore. Failure to comply with this guideline may result in one of your threads being deleted, or even an infraction. Note: Falling off of Page 1 as a week-old thread does not mean "outdated." Several months must have elapsed from the last post made to that thread

You may also advertise clan discord servers as well!

Any questions? Feel free to PM a staff member!
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I am not Darian the COC mod, just saying


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    A friendly reminder that you may not advertise your clan in another clan's recruitment thread. Doing so will result in an infraction. You can politely ask for a merger, however.

    Additionally, do not create an "I need a clan" thread here. It is pointless for two reasons. One, there are already a bunch of clan recruitment threads here. You could just look through the threads to find a good clan for you. Two, people who want to advertise your clan may post in that thread months after you posted it. Not only have you most likely found a new clan, but that is a necro for the person who just brought it back, which can make another clan's thread get pushed out of Page 1. No infractions will be given for those threads, but they will be closed.

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