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an active co-operative clan

SamSam Posts: 27Member
Guys, i am searching for good active and co operative clans but I could not find any
So please help me to get a good active clan also I am at 1800 trophies


  • AndrjamAndrjam Posts: 37Member
    Come join us at #8JCCCVQL the youngest of our 3 clans you be welcome there
    Leader of Evolve™️ 2 #8QL0JY0 Come say hello
  • KezzerKezzer Posts: 2Member
    Come and have a look at man and boy #PUL98CJ, we're having a sort out and I'm going to recruit 10 people this week at any level. Always get the 10/10 clan chest and all requests are met quickly. Friendly, helpful and like a bit of light banter too. UK based but going to grow our North American members. Just say Kezzer invited you to join.

    All the best
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