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[ONE AND ONLY] Sparky Discussion Thread

Thedangers15Thedangers15 Posts: 263Member
edited December 2017 in Card Balance Discussion
"Calling her trash can on wheels hurts her feeling"

After over than 1 year,sparky got a 1s hitspeed buff and a dmg nerf to compensate(sparky used to have 5s hitspeed).
Since her release,she was a fearsome monster that people complained about.After a few months,they realised that sparky is so easy to counter,almost every deck has a counter for the poor machine.
It is only usable at lower arenas,but at higher ones it is purely trash.
Sparky is one of the most trickiest card to balance.If you buff it,it becomes an OP beast.In the hands of skilled players,it will cause havoc on the arena.

So,to make sparky easier to use,I got some ideas that I gathered here and there...

Idea 1:Elexir cost to 5,reduce hitspeed to 2.5s,nerf dmg by 40%,nerf radius by 25%.So sparky would become less swarm vulnerable,and zap won't make her totally useless.

Idea 2:Make sparky "tier dependant",like that:
-Tier 1:1 ring charged,1.25s to charge.30% of dmg and radius.
-Tier 2:2 ring charged,2.5 s to charge.60% of dmg and radius.
-Tier 3:3 rings charged,4s to charge,full dmg and radius

Idea 3:Give sparky a single use stun shield,can only be broken by zap.This has to make sparky less vulnerable to zap,but still counterable by Ewiz.

Idea 4:Make sparky "discharge" when zapped."Discharge" on a circular radius centered by sparky,and hits ground and air.

Idea 5:Zap no longer completely shuts sparky,instead,only lose 2 s worth of charge,Ewiz can still counter her,but zap no longer completely shuts her(freeze can still completely shut her).

Feel free to comment,and vote to the poll!And please don't view the thread without voting/commenting.We want to know your opinion!
About Sparky:
  1. What do you think about sparky?12 votes
    1. Overpowered
    2. Pretty balanced
    3. Underpowered
  2. Which idea do you prefer?12 votes
    1. Idea 1
    2. Idea 2
    3. Idea 3
    4. Idea 4
    5. Idea 5
  3. Do you have Sparky?12 votes
    1. Yes
    2. No
  4. When you get a legendary spinning out of a chest,do you pray that it isn't Sparky?12 votes
    1. Yes,I don't want that trash.
    2. No,I am a Sparky fan!
  5. Do you have problems countering Sparky12 votes
    1. Yes,it causes havoc to my troops...
    2. No,but you must be careful,any fault will doom you!
    3. I destroy sparky like eating cakes!
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