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These are the current main rules on the forum. These rules apply to every subforum and category, PMs and VMs, unless otherwise stated. All of these Forum Rules must be followed. Breaking these rules will allow in appropriate punishments which vary between the level of rulebreak.

The rules for these forums are:

1. Any type of rudeness, insults to a person or group of people, personal attacks, harassment, name & shame or inflammatory posts shall not be tolerated. Any abuse or displeasing comments towards a forum member or staff is strictly forbidden as well. However, the staff will always have the final decision of what breaks this rule and what doesn't.

2. Community Royale is a family-friendly forum for all ages above 13. Hence any type of inappropriate, sexual, vulgar, discriminatory or offensive language shall not be tolerated. This includes simulated, insinuated, abbreviated or censored swearing. Staff members always have the final say in what is and isn't inappropriate. However, this rule is an exception in RAGE subforum, where you WILL be allowed to use swear words. BUT, even in the RAGE subforum, posting inappropriate or sexual content is still forbidden.

3. Multiple or repeated posting in order to increase post count or for any purpose is not allowed. So, you must refrain from posting spam. Posting anything that does not go with the thread's topic is not allowed. Also, posting in a row while yours is the last post is also forbidden. If you must add something new, use the edit feature. Do not post anything that is spam or nonsense. Constructive replies that add to the thread's topic, however, are always welcomed. Spamming or misusing the profile mention feature is also considered a breach of this rule.

4. Bumping a thread is strictly forbidden. BUMP stands for 'Bring Up My Post'. Posting anything just to only bring the thread to the top of the sub-forum counts as bumping. You are not allowed to bump your thread. This rule is an exception in the Clan Chat and Tournaments & Events sub-forum, where you are allowed to bump your thread once a day. You can also reasonably bump your thread in the Ideas & Feature Requests sub-forum. Note that this rule excludes reply to a thread to add something to the discussion or reply to someone else's post or question. Necromancing a thread is also forbidden. Necromancing counts as bumping or posting in a thread which is very old. However, posting a really constructive reply in a very old thread to re-start the discussion will be allowed. What counts as Necromancing a thread and what doesn't will always be decided by the staff.

5. Multiple or repeated posting of the same thread or topic is forbidden. If a thread with a certain topic already exists, you are not allowed create another thread about that topic. Instead, you should contribute to the already existing thread. If all the threads on that specific topic are very old and posting in them would count as necromancing them, then you might create a new thread about that topic. Or you can post in the old thread to re-start the discussion.

6. You can not attempt to claim to represent or speak on behalf of any staff member or developer of the forum if you aren't a part of the management team. Spreading false information by doing so will result in strict punishment.

7. Discussions, promotion or advertisement of any product, illegal activities, drug references, music or intellectual property piracy is strictly prohibited in the forums.

8. Every forum member may only have one account each. Creating multiple accounts might result in a permanent ban of all accounts if those accounts are used to support the main account or their posting, claims, opinions or votes. Users that have lost their accounts may create another one if they inform the staff member of their actions. Staff members may also be able to help in recovering lost accounts. Note that creating multiple accounts with the same IP address IS allowed if they belong to different people.

9. Account sharing in the forums is strictly forbidden. Every person must have their own forum account if they want to use the forums. Using another person's account or sharing your account with someone else is strictly forbidden. Doing so might result in the account getting permanently banned.

10. The Community Royale forums are English only. You must create threads only in English to speak here. All of your posts must also be in English. However, if you must use another language for some reason, you need to include an accurate English translation as well in your post. You may also use different languages in Private Messages to other members, if the messaged member knows that language. However, the other forum rules still apply to anything spoken in that language.

11. We do not remove posts or accounts on request, except for very rare exceptions.

12. Only flag those posts that you are sure about violating the forum rules or contain questionable content. Any type of unnecessary use or spam of the flag tool might result in punishment.

13. You must read all of the stickies of a sub-forum at least once before posting a thread in it. The stickies contain useful information such as sub-forum specific rules and guidelines. Not following them might result in punishment.

14. Although bans mostly occur for getting a certain amount of Infraction Points, you might also be banned without any prior warning or infraction for any type of toxic behavior.

15. You are responsible for abiding by Staff warnings and infractions against you, within a thread or made via PM. Ignoring warnings and/or infractions given to yourself or other forum members can result in further infractions or a ban of your forum account. Remember, all staff decisions are final.

16. Discussing publicly any (disciplinary) actions taken by forum staff or developers such as closing forum threads, deleting forum posts or threads etc. is forbidden. Also, posting publicly any private messages or emails, regardless of topic, you have received from the staff or developers is prohibited. Asking the staff members privately about why a specific action was taken, however, is allowed. But the staff will have the final decision of whether to say it or not.

17. Any deliberate manipulation or targeting using the reactions (Insightful, Awesome, Spam, OMG NO! etc.) are strictly forbidden, and may result in a permanent ban. Reactions are based on post quality and how much a person contributes to the forums. Targeting someone using reactions, positive or negative, because of personal affairs, is forbidden.

18. You may not create deliberately provocative or insincere posts, that includes the use of click-bait titles. Trolling or trying to trick people is prohibited in all sub-forums, with the exception of Off-Topic (this does not include Forum Games) and the RAGE subforum.

19. Plagiarism is strictly forbidden in these forums. Please keep each of your threads or posts original. If you copy something from another source, please be sure to give the original source credit and do not take credit for their work yourself. This rule also applies to information taken from websites outside of this forum. Copy-pasting the thread / post / idea of another forum member too, is forbidden.

20. You will be responsible for being updated about the rules. The rules are subject to changes if necessary. Although most of the time they'll be announced. Even if they aren't, you will still be responsible for staying updated about the rules. If you do not read the updated rules, it'll be considered as your own fault and if you break a rule because of that, you will still be punished accordingly. Also, any grey areas or loopholes between the rules will be seen by the Moderators and Staff, and people can still be punished for exploiting the loopholes or grey areas.

21. Abusing any hacks, glitches, bugs, or anything unintended on this site is strictly prohibited. You may not share these abusable activities with anyone except staff (in a private matter).
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