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Reporting Posts... How YOU Can Make a Difference!

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Reporting, or "flagging" on this forum is how you can help the mods, admins, and helpers manage and keep these forums clean! This guide is to show you all how to report and ways to report. Before reporting, however, make sure it is a legitimate report. Do not violate Forum Rule 12, which says you can only flag posts that are report-worthy (aka posts that break rules)

Only report posts you are sure violate forum rules or contain questionable content. No spamming or targeting allowed.

Here is how to report. At the top of each post, next to the date, there is an option that says "Flag." (I'm using one of my threads as an example)


Click/tap Flag, then this screen will pop up


Write your reason for flagging it, then click Flag This!

A pop up will appear on the bottom left of the screen saying "Your complaint has been sent"


CR Stats PB: 4609 KT: 12. Card lvls: Mostly 11 with some lvl 10 Rares and lvl 12 Commons 91/91 cards unlocked. IGN: Hardcase Royale.

BS Stats: 16 Brawlers. IGN: ΜαΣτεπςαλ

Please read the Forum Rules

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    Types of Posts to Flag/Report

    This post will go into detail the types of posts to flag and why, so that everyone will understand what types of posts violate forum rules and need to be taken care of. I will reference the Main Forum Rules and the Rules Explanation and Q&A to help out with this. Keep in mind that some rule violations are more private or harder to flag than others, so not every rule will have a flag-able offense.

    Rule 1: Prohibition of toxic posts.

    The types of toxic posts, which are explained in the rules, are rudeness, insults, harassment, name & shame, inflammatory posts, and abuse. Those are not necessarily the only types of toxic posts, but cover the most commonly seen toxic posts. If you see a post that you feel is toxic, flag that post and say why you feel it is toxic.

    Remember that whether a post is toxic or not is up to staff, and the team may have to discuss the post flagged before taking action.

    Rule 2: Prohibition of innapropriate posts

    Anything sexual, vulgar, or graphic, is not allowed on these forums, as this are a family-friendly forum. In addition, swearing of any form, whether abbreviated, censored, insinuated, or not, is not allowed here at all. The only exception is the RAGE! subforum, where you are allowed to use swear words, but not in a toxic manner (e.g. directed at someone, personal attacks). Flag innapropriate posts by saying "innapropriate content" and flag posts with swearing as "swearing."

    Rule 3: Prohibition of spam posting/repeated posting/irrelevant posts

    Posting on the same thread multiple times in a row is not allowed. However, due to multiquote issues, if you are contributing in the posts and responding to multiple people, you are allowed to post multiple times in a row. Flag these posts as "repeated posting."

    Posting spam of any sort is not allowed, period. Flag these posts as "spam."

    Any and all posts must be on topic with the thread. Posting something that is off of the threads topic is known as an irrelevant post, and is not allowed. Flag those posts as "irrelevant posts"

    Rule 4: Prohibiton against bumping/necroing

    Bumping is replying to one's own thread for the sole purpose of bringing it back up to page 1 without adding any new content. Example of bumps include "What do you guys think?" or "Bump" or "Anyone else." Flag those posts as "bumping."

    You are allowed to bump in Clan Chat and Tournaments & Events every 24 hours. Additionally, you can reasonably bump your idea in Ideas & Feature Requests. Those are the lone exceptions.

    Necroing is replying to a very old thread (usually months or years old). Usually it is not the OP's thread. Like bumping, a necro post is usually a short, one-line with nothing new to contribute other than bringing it back to Page 1. Or, if something got changed from when the post was written (say, the Giant got nerfed and someone necro'd a "Nerf Giant" thread and said "Lol the giant isn't OP anymore he got killed by SC) that counts as a necro too, as how would people back then know the Giant would get nerfed? Flag those posts as "necros"

    However, replying to an old thread and contributing to the topic is not considered necroing.

    Rule 5: Prohibition against multiple threads on same topic/wrong subforum

    This is similar to Rule 3, but is more specific towards threads rather than replies. If there is a discussion about a topic you want to post about, it is better to reply to that thread than to make a new thread, unless the old thread is old and it shouldn't be necro'd. Posting the same thread multiple times violates the rule. Flag these posts as "repeated posting" or "thread already exists"

    Posting in the wrong subforum is discouraged as well. Flag those posts as "wrong subforum," and preferably state which subforum it does belong in

    Rule 6: Prohibition against false claims/impersonations of staff

    Pretending to be a staff member is against this rule, as is spreading false information about the forums. Flag those posts as "spreading false claims" or "pretending to be mod/dev"

    While no one from Supercell (afaik) is on these forums, impersonating Supercell (whether Community Manager, developer, support, etc) or spreading false info/fake leaks about Supercell is also discouraged.

    Rule 7: Prohibition against illegal posts

    Illegal activities as defined in the rules (but not limited to) include promoting/advertising a product, music/intellectual product piracy, and drug activities. Report as "spam" or "illegal activities"

    Rule 8: Prohibition against multiple accounts

    Each forum member can only have one forum account. Creating multiple accounts is against the rules. However, only staff can truly tell whether it is an alt account or not, so it is best to PM staff if you think you have found an alt account. Preferably, also state which account you think it is an alt of as well. If it's an obvious alt account, then feel free to flag those posts as "alt account"

    Rule 10: Prohibition against non-English posts

    The forums are English only, so if there is a post that isn't in English and doesn't include an English translation, flag that post as "not in English"

    Rule 16: Prohibition against public discussions of staff decisions

    Posting about a moderator action (such as closing thread, giving a warning, etc) is not allowed. Flag those posts as "discussing mod actions"

    Rule 17: Prohibition against reactions abuse

    Giving positive reactions to every single post of someone's or giving negative reactions without due reason is not allowed. It does not matter how many people are involved, it isn't allowed. Flag those posts as "reactions abuse". Additionally, send staff PMs about those matters

    Rule 18: Prohibition against trolling/clickbait

    Trolling is not allowed anywhere except in Off-Topic and RAGE! So if there is a troll post, flag it as "trolling".

    Using a clickbait title/link isn't allowed anywhere at any time. Flag those posts as "clickbait"

    Rule 19: Prohibition against plagiarism

    Using someone else's ideas/thoughts as one's own isn't allowed. If there isn't a link or something specifiying that it isn't their own idea, flag it as "plagiarism." Preferably mention the original link


    CR Stats PB: 4609 KT: 12. Card lvls: Mostly 11 with some lvl 10 Rares and lvl 12 Commons 91/91 cards unlocked. IGN: Hardcase Royale.

    BS Stats: 16 Brawlers. IGN: ΜαΣτεπςαλ

    Please read the Forum Rules

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    Subforums with Special Rules

    Some subforums have special rules or exceptions to the Main Forum Rules. It is expected that you become familiar with these modifications to avoid being confused or breaking rules unintentionally. It is expected that all other Main Forum Rules apply to a subforum unless explicitly defined.

    Clan Chat

    In Clan Chat, you are allowed to bump your clan's recruitment thread every 24 hours. It must be 24 hours from the previous bump. Bumping sooner than that will result in the post being deleted and a warning. Consistently breaking this rule may lead to the recruitment thread to be closed and stricter warnings/bans. Flag those posts as "excessive bumping"

    Each clan may only have ONE recruitment thread. This falls under the "repeated posting" rule. Posting multiple recruitment threads will result in all but one of the threads (usually the first one) to be deleted, and an infraction. Further repeated posting will result in stricter punishments. Flag those posts as "repeated posting." If about 3+ months have passed since the clan recruitment thread was last bumped, a new thread may be created without breaking the rules, as long as the old one isn't bumped any longer.

    You may not advertise your clan in another clan's recruitment thread. Only post in another thread if the OP is looking for a clan. Advertising your clan in another clan's thread will result in the post being deleted, and an infraction. Flag those posts as "advertising in another clan's thread"


    The RAGE! subforum permits swearing and ranting on these forums. They are a place to vent your anger and rage without receiving an infraction. However, there are lines drawn that cannot be crossed in RAGE.

    Swearing directed at a person/group of people is not allowed. Similarly, toxicity (as defined in Rule 1), personal attacks, and innapropriate content (besides swearing) are not allowed in RAGE! Flag those posts as "toxic posts" or "personal attacks"

    And swearing is not allowed in the titles of RAGE! threads.

    CR Stats PB: 4609 KT: 12. Card lvls: Mostly 11 with some lvl 10 Rares and lvl 12 Commons 91/91 cards unlocked. IGN: Hardcase Royale.

    BS Stats: 16 Brawlers. IGN: ΜαΣτεπςαλ

    Please read the Forum Rules

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