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[Closed] Spicy's Sig Shop D:

spicyspicy Posts: 841Member
edited September 2018 in Signature Shops
Welcome to <strong>Spicy's Graphics Shop</strong> - a shop run by a high school student who loves creating graphics and the Clash Royale community. I'm still an improving artist, in fact I just started making these less than two months ago! If you have any feedback, whether it's negative or positive, it's always appreciated. Thank you for visiting my shop, and feel free to request something from me.
I use Adobe Photoshop and Paint.NET to create my signatures.

General Preferred Format
As you can see, my preferred format to use when creating a signature is to have centered text with a render and some card artworks, with a blurred background with some special effects. If you'd like to request a signature, note that this is the format I'm the best at doing, and will likely look the best! (ALTHOUGH ANY FORMAT IS DO-ABLE 100%).

<strong>What you can request:</strong>
  • Signatures
  • Banners
  • Thumbnails
  • Clan Banners
  • Card Artwork for your I&FR thread
  • If you'd like to request something else, just ask. I'll consider it :)
  • Only request from one signature shop at a time. (General rule taken from old forums)
  • All signatures must be forum appropriate.
  • You may only request one signature every two months. [YOU CAN BYPASS THIS RULE, AND REQUEST EVERY TWO WEEKS IF YOU HAVE OVER 200 POSTS!]
  • You must follow the format, at least give me the cards/other art you want to >be on the signature.
  • DO NOT pass the signature I made you as your own.
  • Crediting me in your signature is optional, though it is very, very appreciated!
  • Make sure to give me honest feedback after receiving the signature! I can always change something you don't like.
  • Text:
  • Art/Cards:
  • Colour Theme:
  • Anything Else:

Request Spell Card Art:
  • Large Container or Small Container:
  • Colour of spell:
  • Background:
  • Anything Else:

By default, if you only tell me the cards/art you wish to have on the signature, I will make you a signature with:
  • A border
  • Your forum username as the text
  • Any colour theme I think looks good
  • A render of the card/art as well as the card image - Resolution of 2000x400(HD) - My signature background style

<strong>Don't like my style?</strong> Here are two other awesome signature shops that have great styles completely unique to mine!
  • JcttehTheWise's Shop - HERE
  • TheSpaghettimobile's Shop - HERE

The following spoiler contains feedback from the people who have ordered from this shop. Read if you wish!
"Wow this looks great! You pretty much captured the theme I was going for with the golem out front and the others hovering just over his shoulder. Love the lightning too."
"yea, that's exactly what I was going for! Thanks again. I very much appreciate it!"

- ekgoalie34
"Looks amazing! Thank you!"
- Stephen11
"Thanks! That's perfect!"
- WalrusGuy
"Thanks real much! I love it!"
- HarryTTL
"Suuuper! The text you chose is perfect. Really creative, I must say."
- iAmAihab1

If you'd like to see examples of my work, check out my own signature as well as the signatures I've made for others, by clicking on their username on the post below me. Here are some of my favourites:
pEhM55X.png NbO6GGv.png
Here's a long history of ALL the signatures I've made for myself! (You can tell the improvements I've made..)
6MldFOo.png?1 xM3yI5D.png

Seeing no sigs being requested from ANYONE since May makes me depressed :(

JcttehTheWiseVills_SkyTerrorTheSpaghettimobileiAmAihab1JeetsCarlsonHarryTTLPikasperAdarsh1275Xdude2050and 1 other.



  • spicyspicy Posts: 841Member
    edited December 2017
    Click on the user's name to see what I have made for them.
    1. ekgoalie34
    2. Nightcrawler
    3. Stephen11
    4. WalrusGuy
    5. TwinRice
    6. DarkSoul214
    7. Sparkygrouphug
    8. Dude2050
    9. Vills_SkyTerror
    10. HarryTTL
    11. MSS
    12. FlyingMiner
    13. LightningRO
    14. iAmAihab1
    15. Swarlok
    16. IamHarsh
    17. UltraLegoGamer
    18. Jeets
    19. Loki
    20. Jimbo5Point3
    21. TechnoGamerOff
    22. Schrodinger
    23. DudeBlu
    24. Taco2zday
    25. HarryTTL v2
    26. Dude2050
    27. SilentAlienGaming
    28. Dude2050 ✘
    29. TTtheT ✘
    30. Pircival ✘

    ✔ - Completed
    ✘ - Not Started
    [...] - In Progress

  • NightcrawlerNightcrawler Posts: 18Member
    Well I'd like a lavahound with a balloon behind it in a night sky background
    That says into the night show.
    And this a forum signature
  • spicyspicy Posts: 841Member

    Well I'd like a lavahound with a balloon behind it in a night sky background
    That says into the night show.
    And this a forum signature

    Someone requested prior via DMs, I'll start on yours after I'm done with theirs!

  • Stephen11Stephen11 Posts: 6Member
    Text: Stephen11
    Cards: Bandit
    Type: sig
    Anything else you think would make it look good.
    If you could do this it would be much appreciated! Thanks in advance
    Thanks to spicy for the sweet sig!
  • WalrusGuyWalrusGuy Posts: 248Member
    Text: WalrusGuy (Font: Arial)
    Cards: None
    Type: Signature
    Anything Else: As basic and as simple as possible. I only want really light blue or normal-light orange color or white or black (or very dark purple) as the colors. Any other color is UNACCEPTABLE!

    Also no blurry background, try to make that basic as well.
    Oh and I only like Arial. I can do with Proxima Nova, but even I'm hesitant on that.

    Oh, and do not italicize or underline my name. I am OK with bold.

    Also, if you're thinking about doing grass you must incorporate a sun. This is the only acceptable case of using different colors. Grass should be green and not violet. Sun should not be orange, and if you're going to add "sun rays" do not make them lines. I am a fan of triangular sun rays.

    Also, in the very bottom RIGHT corner, please put "Made by Spicy" or "Made by spicy" or "Spicy" or "spicy".

    (Also, refrain from any "walrus" images. Also, please do not copyright anything.)
  • spicyspicy Posts: 841Member
    edited October 2017
    Commission for ekgoalie34

    Commission for Nightcrawler [NOT FINAL]

    Commission for Stephen11

    All feedback is very much appreciated :tired_face:
    I'm done for today (other than a few edits to current commissions. I'll work on more tmrw ;)

  • ekgoalie34ekgoalie34 Posts: 178Member
    edited October 2017
    Testing Sig, did I set this up correctly?

    Nope lol. Ignore my failings, Ill get this figured out
    Thanks to Spicy for the Sig! Go Check Out His Work.

    Deck: Golem(8), Baby Dragon(8), MM(11), Archers(13), Rocket(11), Tombstone(11), Log(4), Lightning(7)
    PB: 5523 (Set on 12/2/18)
    King Tower:13, 100% F2P
  • TwinRiceTwinRice Posts: 92Member
    So cool that you're doing this!

    Name: TwinRice
    Clan Name: Bunny Clan
    Cards: Battle Ram and Tornado
    Colors I Like: Blue, Gold (I'm a UCLA Bruin haha), Black, White (Huge LA kings fan)

    Interested to see what you come up with! Take your time, no hurry :)
    sig courtesy of spicy!
    CoLeader, Bunny Clan (formerly Bewbz and Tacos)
    Highest Trophies: 5962, Max Challenge: 16
    Current Ladder Deck:
    Pekka (8), Baby Dragon (8), Lightning (8), Tornado (8), Furnace (11), Zap (13), Battle Ram (11), EWiz (5)
  • DarkSoul214DarkSoul214 Posts: 233Member

    Type: Signature.
    Main text: Always a Viking(Bolded Red)
    Sub-text: DarkSoul(Just put my name under the main text,italicized red)
    Background:No cards,the main text is to be the highlight in this sig.Background color would be black.And a lightning passing through my main text.Maybe have the main text be a bit more glow-y as it's been struck by lightning.Also put 'Made by Spicy' in the bottom right corner.
  • SparkygrouphugSparkygrouphug Posts: 28Member
    Badge: 3 charged sparkys (in game graphics) pointing at each background
    You know a Sparky group hug...
    Colors: Scarlet and Grey
    Cards: Miner, Tesla,
    SMC somewhere
    Thank you
  • dude2050dude2050 Posts: 562Member
    Text: dude 2050
    Cards: n/a
    Type: signature
    firey background
    this awsome sig is made by the amazing DeltaDroid4
  • Vills_SkyTerrorVills_SkyTerror Posts: 470Member
    Very nice sig shop you got there. :) Thought of giving it a try.

    Text: Vills SkyTerror (with Sub text: Only One Terror)
    Cards: Tesla
    Type: Signature
    Anything Else: Color scheme of blue, silver & gold if possible. And could you please remove elixir icon from card.
    Sig courtesy of spicy!

    Ask me Anything
    A wise man once said, You all are freaking noobs... It was me. Thanks!
  • SirGutSirGut Posts: 12Member
    Could I make a request, please?
  • spicyspicy Posts: 841Member
    Very nice sig shop you got there. :) Thought of giving it a try.

    Text: Vills SkyTerror (with Sub text: Only One Terror)
    Cards: Tesla
    Type: Signature
    Anything Else: Color scheme of blue, silver & gold if possible. And could you please remove elixir icon from card.

    Wow I don't know if I can top your current one :/ I'll do my best!
    SirGut wrote: »
    Could I make a request, please?

    Of course!

  • spicyspicy Posts: 841Member
    edited November 2017
    Commission for WalrusGuy (not final)

    Commission for TwinRice

    Feedback is VERY appreciated :)

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