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Give a card to the person below you

PAZBoyPAZBoy Posts: 896Member
As the title says, you're going to give a card to the person below you. Then, that person below must respond to the person above by doing anything you want with it. The person will give another card too.

So this game is from the hayday FG subforum in the SC forums page. But instead of making some kind of recipe with the item above, this time it's CR cards.


Person 1: I give a golem to the person below me.
Person 2: I use it to create a beatdown deck. I give a fireball to the person below me.
Person 3: I use it to counter three musk. I give Mega Knight to the person below me.
and so on...

Be creative!

I will start:

I give Barbarians to the person below me.
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