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[3000] Cash me outside #2LCUUCVV |Trophies 35k|Donations15k|Active Clan|10/10 clan chest|

ElCunadoElCunado Posts: 3Member
edited January 2018 in Clan Chat
Hello! I am the leader of Cash me outside #2LCUUCVV

We have available spaces!

????ABOUT US????
We are a laid back / chill clan but committed to Clan Chest

Active members, especially during the Clan Chest

Clan Chest 10/10

The majority of the clan members are in Arenas 10 to 12, and we have some in Challenger arenas ????

We all speak English and some Spanish

All who meet requirements are welcome!

All members are Co-Leader so long as they follow rules ????

-Active Leadership ✔

????CLAN INFO????
-Clan Name: Cash me outside

-Clan Tag: #2LCUUCVV

-Clan Highest Score: 36k+

-Clan Current Score: 35k+

-Donations/Week: 15k+

-Required Trophies: 3000

-Location: United States

No Trolling

No Spamming

In order to stay in our clan you must donate a lot (cleared by leader) or have 20+ crowns before 10/10 clan chest or end of week

✅ Talk to the leader if the player will become inactive

!!! JOIN US !!!
Hope to see you guys soon!


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