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[3000] Elixir Bandits (#8CRPC0L8) - 10/10 CC | 37K clan score | 25K+ weekly donations

WonderTWonderT Posts: 1Member
Check out and join Elixir Bandits! We're an active, friendly clan that consistently earns 10/10 clan chests within 36 hours (our record is 25 hours!), and every donation is filled! We have a 15 crown clan chest contribution and 200 donation minimum per week, and we promote based on clan chest and donation activity. (We also demote and kick every Saturday based on the same requirements.) Our international leadership team always check in and offer support in clan chat or Discord, and clan mates frequently 2v2 or friendly battle, share replays, give feedback, and offer deck tips in our clan chat. You can join our Guild’s Discord server to get exclusive access to tourneys and clan wars, strategies, $10 gift card giveaways, and Elixir Coins (for top clan chest earners) towards a $10 gift card. Our clan is open so you can join directly. :) Thank you for your time, and clash on!

Clan tag: #8CRPC0L8
Discord: (be sure to mention that you want to join Bandits!)
Clan rules:
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