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IndianClasherIndianClasher Posts: 7Member
edited February 2018 in Strategy & Deck Building
Zap, Fireball, Hog, Pekka, Bats, Miner,Kinght, Musketeer.
I Would Be Nice To See "DECK POTENTIAL"
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  • IndianClasherIndianClasher Posts: 7Member
    Stay Wild Moon Child
  • kreshakresha Posts: 101Member
    where does the miner fit in all this ?
  • meMEGAMINDmeMEGAMIND Posts: 220Member
    Include a guide? What is the point of miner and knight? Why 2 win conditions?

    Seems like an ok deck. Fast, but not ultra fast. Great defensive potential. Get quick jabs in with miner and hog. The meta is mostly zap bait, how does this crush that?

    Welcome to the forums! Sorry if I sound mean. :p
    I see Elite Barbarians every match...
  • micsfyuenmicsfyuen Posts: 647Member
    I dunno how to play this deck. Mind to share some game play of meta crushing and challenge results?
    It is difficult to handle the meta spell bait decks (log bait with gb, zap bait with ID+Bats+SB, fireball bait with swamp, poison bait with golem+NW)
  • IndianClasherIndianClasher Posts: 7Member
    LOL @meMEGAMIND . I dont have time for u. Other Watch Hampsh Youtube Channel check out this same deck with same name. LOL.He Is A NOVA Player! Look At URSELVES ! Sorry If I sounded Dumb! LOL.
  • IndianClasherIndianClasher Posts: 7Member
    @kresha If You Have Used The Deck Often You Will Notice Hut Spammers, Miner's Fits Behind It Perfectly.
  • IndianClasherIndianClasher Posts: 7Member
    If Any Clasher's Have Doubts Check This Deck Out At deckcheck websites. deckshop is nice place.
  • kreshakresha Posts: 101Member
    @kresha If You Have Used The Deck Often You Will Notice Hut Spammers, Miner's Fits Behind It Perfectly.

    If there is one card i cannot manage to play this game without, its the miner, and im telling u... The miner does not do well against furnance, goblin hut or barbarian hut
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