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What is your age range?

TTtheTTTtheT Posts: 1,092Member
I was just wondering what the age range is for this forum...don't answer if you are uncomfortable

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  • LokiLoki Posts: 226Member
    I am 50 years old!
  • MasterCalMasterCal Posts: 1,444Moderator
    Teenage years.

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  • spicyspicy Posts: 821Member
    Almost 15 years of age! Just a couple weeks away :)
    i gave up progressing on ladder with my bait/mortar decks, and now im overleveling my ebarbs
  • MathChampMathChamp Posts: 1,302Member
    Almost an adult (just a few days)...




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  • LokiLoki Posts: 226Member
    I'm surrounded by children LOL!
  • CarlsonCarlson Posts: 1,038Member
    edited February 9
    Teenage years between 13-18
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  • GiorgakisGiorgakis Posts: 1,809Member
    Teenage age.

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  • VengeanceVengeance Posts: 1,168Member
    Ugh, more chars please.
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  • lilangel1lilangel1 Posts: 129Member
    edited March 27

    not sure
  • ferrell34ferrell34 Posts: 770Member
    Teenager, almost reaching adultery. Not excited at all :astonished:
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  • TTtheTTTtheT Posts: 1,092Member
    people getting jobs and becoming less active

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  • PAZBoyPAZBoy Posts: 861Member
    Teenager. Still two years before I become an "adult"
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  • Alex021402Alex021402 Posts: 89Member

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  • galaxytroepgalaxytroep Posts: 45Member
    17 years young
  • TotillityTotillity Posts: 106Member
    ferrell34 wrote: »
    Teenager, almost reaching adultery. Not excited at all :astonished:

    Adultery? Kids these days with no morals.
    I'm 14, but with the mind of a genius. I'm as emotionally developed as an 11 year old, though. ????
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