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  • MasterCalMasterCal Posts: 1,049Moderator
    I think he's balanced. His mechanic is really interesting and unique to CR, and his HP and dmg don't seem too OP. He can synergize with siege, while at the same time countering it with a tank in front.

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  • PircivalPircival Posts: 155Member
    edited February 13
    He seems pretty weak. He has 6x fewer damage than a Mini Pekka, so it'll take 6 shots to achieve equal damage, which MA can't do. It clears swarms as good as a wizard because it's projectile damage is small, and it has low damage. I guess it can hit multiple troops, but Executioner does that better for more damage and hitpoints. The upside is that he attacks fast, but for half as much damage as Musketeer at around the same speed. He has range, but only 1 more than musketeer, which means he'll only get an extra shot in.
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