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Looking for active group to create clan

EL_NastyEL_Nasty Posts: 1Member
Hello guys, my name is saul im over 20
I play both cr and coc ingamename is EL Nasty i have 3k in cr and have lots of experience. i just recently joined this forums in hoping i make new friends.

Anyways the idea is to come up with a good clan name and start out with decent members for donations/cchest/score. Donations are a must. So you gotta be a regular active member.

The New members interested in getti g the clan started will get co leader then elder for other and so on.

Co leaders required to have decent trophies.

Any other player who wants to join as of now if you have below 2k trophies you can be elder.

Anyone interested in the idea let me know.


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