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Deck advice- Poison or Rocket?

UndeadGodSlayerUndeadGodSlayer Posts: 103Member
edited February 2018 in Strategy & Deck Building
I've been pushing with a Mortar cycle deck, but I can't decide which heavy spell to use- Rocket or Poison. Here's the deck-

Mortar (11)
Ice Wizard (2)
Mega Minion (8]
Ice Spirit (11)
Skeletons (10)
Tornado (5)
Poison (6)

I've started out with Poison basically because it synergyzes better with the PEKKA aspect of the deck. Also, it can hit either tower when the opponent plays a centrally placed pump. It also does better against Goblin Hut and Furnace, which kill the Mortar.

However, a lot of my matches have been ending up in draws. A Rocket (level 9) would fix that, since it does so much more tower damage. A Rocket would also give me a better counter to XBow, and would give me so much value in certain situations when paired with Tornado.

So, after saying all of that, what do you think would be the better fit? (I'm at 4200 trophies BTW)
Which would be better?
  1. Which would be better?6 votes
    1. Poison
    2. Rocket


  • CarlsonCarlson Posts: 1,060Member
    Well, all that depends on You!
    If you want to destroy the tower in double elixir time quicker (i wont recommend it), use rocket.
    BUT, if you wanna chip the tower and for example Night Witch right next to the tower, use Poison.

  • ferrell34ferrell34 Posts: 1,437Moderator
    edited February 2018
    By seeing your type of deck contains "the cycle defense" element (Ice WIz, Nado, Skeletons and Ice Spirit) so i'll say Rocket is way suitable in your deck. Also an extra information, Rocket and Tornado are considered one of the most effective "couple" in a beatdown elemented deck at the current META, the others being Poison and Zap.
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  • kreshakresha Posts: 101Member
    what ferrell34 said...
  • micsfyuenmicsfyuen Posts: 734Member
    How about Rocket and change Pekka to Giant Skeleton?
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