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A good deck for arena 10-11 and my main deck.

This deck is really good for arena 10s trying to get to arena 11 I actually hit arena 11 today and with the deck I have 40 battles with a 62% win also I would like some feedback on stuff I should change. So here is the deck

Mega Minion (7)
Arrows (9)
Ice spirit (10)
Golem (3)
Elixir pump (6)
E wiz (2) (got 2nd one out of a silver chest last week
Lumber jack (1)
Night witch (1)

I am currently requesting cards like arrows and elixir pump also golem on sundays to improve levels my goals are common lvl 11, rare level 7/8 epic lvl 4/5 and legendaries 2 again please give me some feedback to help improve my deck


  • micsfyuenmicsfyuen Posts: 734Member
    It looks good. But levelling up a 3 legendary deck will be tough. Getting lvl 2 legendary is easy and good enough for 4K, but beyond that you may need to think again.
  • TotillityTotillity Posts: 184Member
    I'm assuming you copies this from a pro. I did that too. Until i realized pros didn't have to face lvl 13 elite barbs with a max zap when they had a lvl 10 goblin gang. Depending on your win rate against elite barb rage, I would suggest using a level independent ebarb counter, like the mini pekka for the lumberjack. Mini pekka ice spirit counters them really well.

    In my experience, mega minion is really bad on overleveled ladder. He cannot counter anything without being killed if he is too low of a level. I prefer to use the I drag in his place, if you have it.

    Without a heavy spell, you're screwed against 3m, and without that or an inferno, you might be screwed against golems with a pump.

    Other than that, this is a really good deck! Great job making it to arena 11 with a mere level 3 golem.
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  • itzzcarteritzzcarter Posts: 14Member
    edited February 2018
    I did not copy this from a pro me and a friend came up with this and he is nearly in legendary. Also, I feel like lumberjack ice spirit is a decent counter for 3m but I will look into getting a better one I just got golem lvl 4 today and I upgraded my mega minion and am working on elixir pump thanks for your reply!

    EDIT: also forgot to add I upgraded my arrows to 10
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