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(RECRUITING) royal Empire New Clan looking for players to grow with us 20+ open

Censura1703Censura1703 Posts: 4Member
CLAN NAME: royal Empire

We are a group of local friends who started a clan because we have some low level players that were not able to get into higher up clans and we all wanted to play together so we did.

we range between the age of 25 to 40 so please be mature but doesnt mean we cant have fun in the clan thread haha.

currently we have no limitation on trophy counts and bringing real friends into the game is welcome and even better if you do join (playing with people you know is more fun) we have low level players who are just starting off and high level players with experience as well .

we donate alot and can pop the 10/10 anytime.

We just want active players who enjoy playing the game without all the silly rules like some of the clans out there and we want to have fun.

If you want to help us a build a clan thats the info. :)
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