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Competitive but casual clan -Join Starship #92VJPOGV [3600]

trilogytrilogy Posts: 57Member
edited August 2018 in Clan Chat
Aug 11: Clash Royale is fun, and having active, competitive players that don't take the game too seriously makes it more fun. That is the balance we try to strike at Starship. We want members who enjoy their clan succeeding but enjoy the journey as much as reaching the goal.

We have 12 spots open in our extremely active. We want teammates that add value to our clan - social, donating, and active in war. Over 16 members in Challenger with members that have reached up to Challenger 3. The clan score is around 38,000. This is a really tightly managed clan committed to maintaining exclusively active members and we clear out inactive members

The rules of the clan are simple: members who commit to war (play all 3 collections plus Final Battle) and donate at least 150 per week.

On the clan board, please only speak English as the leaders regularly monitor to ensure our clan is a fun, safe environment. (Clash Royale needs to implement translation capabilities)


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