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Guide on Using the Text Editor

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This guide is intended to show how the text editor works, and what the different functions are.


Above I have a picture of the text editor, which is right above the text box. You'll see it when starting a new thread or replying to a thread. Basically, clicking on one of the buttons will place a BB code into your thread, and you can make your post have all sorts of special formats and effects.

I will go from left to right, starting with Bold and ending with Expand.


Clicking on the "B" enables the Bold BB code. Simply type what you want in Bold between the Bold BB Code.


Clicking on the slanted "I" enables the Italics BB code. Like Bold, type in what you want italicized within the italics BB code


Clicking on the "S" with the line through it enables the strikethrough BB code. Use this code if you want to cross something out for humorous intent or some other reason. Like the above, type within the given BB Code

Number List

Clicking the three lines with the numbers 1, 2, and 3 on the right enables the numerical list thread.
  1. Put this BB code at the top of the number list
  2. Put the list in the asterisks, each asterisk corresponds with a number
  3. End the numerical list with

Bullet Point List

Very similar to the numerical list, except with bullet points instead of numbers. The code is very similar as well, except it starts with "list" instead of "list=1"

Quote, Code, & Spoiler
Clicking the paragraph drop down reveals three options. Quote is if you want to enclose what someone said in a format. It helps when breaking someone's post into several parts to respond individually to it.
Code is for if you want to show how to do something, and any 
BB codes are disabled inside of it.

Spoiler is if you want to hide something, and people have to click the "Show" button to see what you wrote.
Zygarde asked me to make this guide :crsmirk:


Enough said :crsmirk: Nah just kidding, I need to show the rest of the emotes! :trollface:

You've already seen the Smirk from the Supercell forums and the troll face. Here are the rest
  • Smiley :)
  • Big-eyed Smiley =)
  • Wink ;)
  • Sad :/
  • Gasp/mouth drop :o
  • Confused :s
  • Sticking out tongue :p
  • Crying tears :'(
  • Cool B)
  • Thinking :thinking:
  • Blushing :3

There are others, but they are not under the Emoji tab on the Text Editor


The button with the two links being connected will show
and then you have to put in a web address. This allows you to post a link people can actually click on.

Photo Uploader

Clicking the page icon allows you to upload a picture from the Internet or from your device right onto your post without having to upload to a third party image hosting site like Imgur or Postimage. Below is a picture back from the old days of 2v2 (when it was weekend Clan Battles)


Left, Center, Right
Clicking any of these changes the position of where you type your text. The default is left, so don't use the left code unless absolutely necessary.


Clicking the two arrows will expand the text screen into a "Full screen."

Well, that's all for the text editor! Cheers that it is back :crsmirk:

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