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[ONE AND ONLY] PEKKA Card Balance Discussion

RiriRiri Posts: 194Member
edited October 2018 in Card Balance Discussion
PEKKA Stats In Tournament Standards
Health: 3458
Damage: 678
Hitspeed: 1.8 secs
Speed: Slow

My Thoughts
- PEKKA literally counters anything ground apart from swarms or air but seriously, many cards like Knight, Mega Knight, Bandit and many other mini tanks got nerfed which gives the PEKKA an open spot to be noticed but here's why PEKKA needs to be nerfed at this point of time.

- Kills Knight in 2 swings now(it was 3 swings before Knight got nerfed.)
- Survive Sparky Blast and 2 shots Sparky as well.
- LITERALLY 2 shots all Mini Tanks and 1 shots Fireballies.
- Efficient for killing opposing Tank push and counter push with it.
- Can be used to pull air troops towards the other lane whilst tanking with it's massive health.
- Sluggish speed which is an advantage for counter pushing or making a big push.

- Easily distracted by Swarms. (But every PEKKA push always have spells so the swarms couldn't do much for distraction.)
- Can be pulled by Ice Golem or any other slow moving building target tanks like Giant and Golem.
- Slow speed which gives you more time to gain elixir to counter him and he takes forever to reach to a ranged troop to kill it.
- Can't attack air troops.
- Inferno Dragon or Inferno Tower is efficient at killing him. (Once again, every PEKKA push has a spell to screw you over.)

- The PEKKA, like any other cards have their own pros and cons but in the current meta where we have Mega Knight, 3 Muskies, Hog, XBow, EB, RG, Golem. PEKKA counters them all. The only thing that changes the entire scenario is whether you have enough elixir to support your PEKKA with a splash unit or a spell. I do see many PEKKA decks in the 20 Wins Challenges along with the Double Prince since SC's most recent balance changes consist of buffing both the Prince and the Dark Prince which makes PEKKA stronger along with them.

Suggested Balance Change
Im lazy to do the maths to balance this card so I will just put it in simple terms.
- Slight Health Nerf
- Slight Damage Nerf
- Slower Hitspeed
- Make PEKKA's deployment time to 2 seconds.

What Do You Think Of PEKKA In Terms Of Balancing?
  1. What Do You Think Of PEKKA In Terms Of Balancing?27 votes
    1. Large Nerf
    2. Medium Nerf
    3. Small Nerf
    4. No Change
    5. Small Buff
    6. Medium Buff
    7. Large Buff


  • MasterCalMasterCal Posts: 2,330Moderator
    Well said about Pekka and how it counters everything/spells screw your counters over.

    I think the Barbarians shouldn't be one shot by Pekka anymore, for one thing. I'd have to do the math on decreasing Pekka damage/buffing Barb Health and I'd rather go for the second option

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  • killerkiller Posts: 1,163Member
    The pekka has needed to be nerfed for awhile now but the recent challenge really demonstrates it.... close to half of all decks played were pekka decks. Challenges are mostly pekka and golem decks.
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  • MightyCallMightyCall Posts: 19Member
    I actually want it nerfed, my friend spammed the small buff option...
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  • killerkiller Posts: 1,163Member
    Out if my last 25 ladder matches, 11 were pekka decks. And any challenge/tourney players know pekka is everywhere. If SC doesnt nerf it I’ll be convinced they dont play the game.
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  • dude2050dude2050 Posts: 562Member
    I am a massive pekka fan but I’ll try not to be biased :crsmirk:
    If I remember correctly originally the pekka had a 3 sec deploy time but then was buffed to 1 sec so I suggest a nerf to 1.5 or 2 seconds
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  • MathChampMathChamp Posts: 1,720Moderator
    While I love pekka, I can say that it contributes to the rock-paper-scissors meta we see today. While it wrecks giant and golem decks, it doesn't fair so well against bridge spam and three muskteer decks.

    Pekka kills one-lane pushes, and that's all some decks can do. But, if the deck is able to use both lanes at the same time, then pekka doesn't fare so well because it costs so much and you won't have much elixir to stop pushes on the other side.

    Basically, pekka asserts lane control, but it can't control both lanes at once. That's why it can be considered "balanced". But, because pekka has such a specific purpose, it creates a rock-paper-scissors meta.
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  • GiorgakisGiorgakis Posts: 3,071Member
    edited April 2018
    I also use PEKKA so I do not support a debuff to her

    Now the thing is that I use her with a gimicky way. Basically I mirror her. And since my Mirror is overleveled (Level 4 Mirror against Level 2 Epic Cards), I always seem to beat my opponent. Now if the gimicky way succeds as well, that means that she has to be debuffed.

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  • TTtheTTTtheT Posts: 1,402Member
    I think pekka is strong but does its job well.

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  • antiblockantiblock Posts: 38Member
    I just usually use pekka on the king tower which makes me a noob :trollface:
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  • TrainerWroyceTrainerWroyce Posts: 783Member
    edited May 2018
    My ice & Fire wizzies can like stop it entirely.


    And according my way of interpreting articles, you really want to just kill the PEKKA entirely. PEKKA is already hard enough to play don’t make it a card like the barb barrel
  • VrizuVrizu Posts: 56Member
    Pekka is one of those few cards that keep current beatdown meta under control. Nerf her and we would see even more brutal golem, giant, double prince beatdown meta.
  • killerkiller Posts: 1,163Member
    Why isn’t this card being nerfed? It has been OP for months.

    Grand Challenges-
    It is currently the #2 used win condition card in after miner.
    It is used in 1 of every 5 decks
    It has a 79.1% win rate is such challenges which makes it about top 7 for win con cards.

    Classic challenges-
    Similar to grand challenges, it is the #2 win con card after miner.
    It has a 70% win rate making it #4 win con card (after miner, rhogs and ram)

    It is used in 13.5% if all decks across all of ladder.
    In arenas 11 and 12 its just under 15% meaning its used in about 1 out if every 7 decks.

    Imo this is clearly rates indicative of an OP card.

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  • killerkiller Posts: 1,163Member
    I played through the arena challege on two accounts. Now I know choices are more limited but just under 50% of all battles in 4-5-6 were pekka. Surely that shoukd indicative of its OPness
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  • No_C_StickNo_C_Stick Posts: 134Member
    What about it makes it OP in your opinion, aside from usage rates?

    As a PEKKA user, I think she is well balanced. For her cost, she is a defensive behemoth that fills her role as a lane stopper well. She is strong against glass canons, mini tanks and tanks but very weak to swarms and CC, due to her slow movement.

    I will admit that unlike most units, she will feel really OP when overlevelled simply due to her high base stats. I know because my level 12 PEKKA looks like a scrub when fighting a Max PEKKA.
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  • killerkiller Posts: 1,163Member
    Its health and dps are nuts. It shuts down every ground meta and is really strong on offense as well. Hog, giants, golem, rhogs, MK, RG... it destroys them all.

    It is weak to swarms but swarms are the easiest things to take down.

    All this being said, I thinks its usage rates alone justify some amount of nerf.
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