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Undertale [Mini TvM]

Creeps20Creeps20 Posts: 58Member
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Howdy! Im Creeps! Creeps the... creep. Okay. That didn't really work huh. :bleep_bloop:

As our first TvM here, at least by the patened Supercell TvMing committy(tm) is over, we should continue making progress. As such, I think a themed mini is in order!

Basically, each role has two sides to it. It can be either mafia or town, based on a coin flip. This means that no claim can be trusted, all mafia have access to their town part as a safe claim. So. This game is designed to be smaller, thus only 9 players can play.

Standard rules apply. One claim a day, and lynches are majority, not fullness. It starts on D1, and posts can only be edited till 66 miniutes. Wills are in play. The rest of the rules you should know, but just to make sure, copy and pasted from the last game, mostly:
Play to win.
Play to have fun.
Follow the forum rules.
Outside communication is NOT ALLOWED.
Days last 48 hours. Nights last a day.
No copying and pasting role PM's. Same as rule #4: turn a violator in for a role buff. Also, no giving passwords or any funny stuff. You guys know what's acceptable and what's not.
The Rad Rule: Complaints go to me first, and not on the thread. The thread is for gameplay only.
You do not get a death post. Posting after your death will lead to a buff for the enemy team. Spectators may not post here.
I decide what's mod kill worthy and all that stuff. You agree to this when you sign up. Do not sign up if you do not agree.
We should all know the general rules by now. Don't try to go outside the box. Just play the way this is intended.

WOTC is a thing guys. PMs only.

1. ProbablyAGreekLetter
2. ThatBigIceballtravelingthroughthenightsky
3. PerhapsASmallAngelicEntity
4. ANinjaWhichIsAWarrior
5. DivyamTheSupposedGreat
6. AnOperationAboutGaming
7. ICantGiveASillyTitleForAsh...
8. GuyWhoNameRhymesWithSaja
9. AFeebWhoLikesTrains
1. DaisiesLiveInClouds?ThisOneDoes! (Now replacing 1)
2. SoulsCanBeDark? (Now replacing 9)
The god of sucking badly at CR has posted above. I strongly reccomend you stay out of the blast radius.


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