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[ONE AND ONLY] Battle Ram Card Discussion

LegoTrooperLegoTrooper Posts: 187Member
edited October 2017 in Card Balance Discussion
The battleram... Seems like it would be highly used. Cheap, rare, targets buildings and has some good defensive capabilities. But unfortunately it has recieved nerfs both direct and indirect and the only rare 4 elixir card seen is Hog Rider and fireball.

Tesla got buffed, Valkyrie got buffed and the popularity of Minions and zapbait doesn't help it either. It only almost works in 3 musk decks but with lightning nerf (lightning is now very rarely used) it lost its role as a lightning rod.

The only good thing is the ewiz nerd but that is more of a buff to hog.

It should get half a tile earlier charge and the log splashing barbarians fixed.
What's your opinion on the Pencil? (Battle ram)
  1. How would you balance it?12 votes
    1. A large Nerf
    2. A medium Nerf
    3. A tiny Nerf
    4. No change
    5. Tiny buff
    6. Medium buff
    7. Large buff
    8. Huge Buff
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I'm still waiting for battleram to get buffed..... Because I have more success with a level 5 skelebarrel than a tourney standard ram.


  • MasterCalMasterCal Posts: 2,364Moderator
    I think that bug (bowler and log splashing Barbs) should be fixed, and actually all three charging units should either charge faster or earlier imo. Doing that makes Prince and Battle Ram good competition for Hog Rider

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  • AquaAqua Posts: 1,117Member
    It should get its old charge back night witch and bandit already nerfed and log bait hard counters bridge spam because that knight goblin gang ice spirit log
  • VenturificVenturific Posts: 3Member
    Idk if it is a deck that is well known or anything but i've been running a battle ram/mirror deck since the card came worked till they nerfed the barbarians health, best split push in the game in my opinion.
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