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Brawl stars release date on android

SamSam Posts: 21Member
Can anyone pls tell me when is brawl stars go global on android?


  • IshmaamIshmaam Posts: 41Member
    No one quite knows my friend...
  • Danman5000Danman5000 Posts: 49Member
    edited April 6
    Sam wrote: »
    Can anyone pls tell me when is brawl stars go global on android?
    No one has the answer to that question, all we can do right now is guess :thinking:
  • TTtheTTTtheT Posts: 1,092Member
    The game it dying because of the new update but hopefully supercell decides not to kill it

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  • SamirMishraSamirMishra Posts: 202Member
    Why would supercell decides to Kill it? I have faith that they'll not ever Bring this Decision into consideration to Discountinue the game. Because there are many more things and factors that make brawl stars a much better game and different from anyother.

    Recently they have posted their status report, and the most satisfying thing was that The data of New player Retention is completely fine and nothing is negative, Sure the Data is not improving and going in a "OK" situation. But that does means Portrait is not an ideal way to Enhance gaming experience for players. It has been only 2 weeks so They can't say the result. Since nothing is bad after the recent changes and update, Surely I would say in future the Player Retention is indicating towards Positive state/condition.

    All i can say is just be patient, the game will not be in Beta for years, Even Devs had some personal targets to get this game at this stage before Particular time and Bring these updates to make it much better, and then there they can Decide how to shape this game for global Release. Failure of this game at global Release would be much worst than killing this game in beta.
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  • HarryTTLHarryTTL Posts: 485Member
    i guess around june-july. Summer is always the best time to release a game
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  • Alex021402Alex021402 Posts: 89Member
    Probably never tbh

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