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Clash royale account got hacked from gmail!

Dear forum users and Supercell,

I am playing Clash royale since march 2016, and My level 13XP account got hacked on gmail. I tried recovering but the hacker changed everything, secondary email adres, phone number, i just can't get into it and recover it. I tried today recovering again (trying it everyday because you never know) and it said that the account is ''switched off''. I can get into my Clash Royale account on iOS, because my account is still connected to my iOS and the hacker can login every time i am in game.
I tried contacting Supercell multiple times, but i get no respond and the message disappears.
I hope i can get some help with linking my iOS to an other gmail account or something, just that i can get on my account from my Samsung and the hacker can't get on it anymore.

Kind Regards,

A sad clash royale player.


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