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[Recruiting] Single Strength • #9LUV28J2• only 200 trophies with weekly in-clan tournaments!

MainPudgeyMainPudgey Posts: 19Member
This clan is English speaking

no swearing clan

like kind people who are active to join.

it is based in Oxfordshire United Kingdom. It believes that as long as you are active and treat every clan member equally then you can be apart of single strength

at the moment this is a small clan but we would like to be come a large clan with as many as 50 people in it and get 10/10 clan chest in the near future help us get there

when we get 30 members we will to friendly battle tournaments every Sunday so we can have in clan competition.

We have a minimum of 5 clan chest points every week other wise you get kicked.

On to the weekly in-clan tournaments.

We will introduce in-clan tournaments to single strength when we have at least 25 players in the clan they will be hosted on Sunday 2:00pm English Time. There will be an announcement on Friday saying which players are playing who the players who are fighting are chosen by the leader and co-leaders. There will be two 1v1’s best of three then the winners of the 1v1’s fight sudden death style ( only one match). Sometimes there will be special tournaments e.g triple elixir, draft but the leader will put an announcement out of it is a special tournament when the players are told if they are fighting.

Join our clan to have an opportunity to play against higher skill players!????


  • MainPudgeyMainPudgey Posts: 19Member
    sorry but I don’t want to cuz I would like to create my own successful clan
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