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The Different Types of Forumers

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So, with the advent of multiple different subforums along with many forumers, I have devised a categorical list of the different types of forumers on these forums according to reactions, post count, and what/where one posts. Maybe you fit into many different categories, or just one, but I hope you enjoy the list anyway! Here's the list!

Based Off Of Reactions

The Promote Master
This type of forumer receives a lot of promotes, either through great posts or being attuned to the mods' tastes. The latter is probably why that math guy has so many promotes...

Mr. Insightful
This forumer is regarded as an insightful person, either through knowledge of the game itself, or through making good points in a debate. A rarer trait than just having awesomes

Awesome Possum
This forumer creates posts that are just, well, awesome. Either this is through awesome ideas, having a signature shop (that's an awesome factory), creating great analysis threads, or just making awesome points in general. This is the most common type of forumer when basing off of reactions.

Mr. Mushroom a.k.a. The Fun Guy
This forumer makes the funniest of posts, either dropping memes (OmgItsmemetime!), dropping good wordplay, or just being generally funny. A rarer form of forumer when it comes down to it.

Thor, the Shocking Forumer
This forumer is just full of shocking posts, either through providing shocking viewpoints, or just being overall controversial, this forumer attracts all of the negative points created by the OMG NO reactions.

Based Off Of Post Count

One-Shot Wonder
This person appears on the forums, posts one post either describing their clan, idea, or just a rant, and then disappears off of the face of the forums. This is the most common type of forumer in this category

Just Hit Puberty! and the rest of their life...
This forumer has posted enough to elevate them into the teens all the way into 99 posts, and this means that they have discussed in some forum topics. At least this is better than those single posters...

The Centennials and Bicentennials and Tri-- You get the Point
This poster has the post count reaching between 100 to 499 posts, and this means that they are a discussor of many topics, but they are still choosy in what to post on the forums. Either that, or they haven't discovered the wonders of forum games...

The Active Forumer
This type of forumer has reached over 500 posts, and this means that they are now considered to be a big presence in the community. Now, with this in mind, there is still one more goal to reach in the quest for posting...

I'm Rich! In Forum Posts
This forumer has hit the jackpot in post count, hitting over 1k posts. Now, some people have already hit even higher places than this, and that is great! Too bad that there's no badge after the 1k post badge...

Based Off Of What/Where One Posts

Knee-Deep in Quaker Oats Quarrels
You will always find this forumer either posting controversial posts or participating in the discussion of controversial issues. They are usually either found on general discussion, RAGE, and sometimes card balance discussion.

Decoding Enigma
This type of forumer analyzes the game, discovering secrets about it, or just trying to find out what would work best for the game itself. You can find this forumer in general discussion, card balance discussion, or sometimes strategy and deck building.

The Idea Guy
This forumer is one filled to the brim with creative ideas for the game, whether it be new original cards or new features and QOL changes. This forumer only needs one domain for his creative endeavors: Ideas and Feature Requests.

The Clan Advertiser
Nothing too huge here (except for the amount of people who are this type) when considering this type of forumer. These forumers advertise the clan that they either represent or are leading, and they will be extremely adamant that you join the clan. They will be found in clan chat, or general discussion moved to clan chat.

Draw Man!... or GFX Man?
This forumer is always willing to either draw or do graphics for other forumers for the cost of $1,000,000 free because they like doing it for fun (at least that's why I think they do it...). Usually either found in Signature Shops or Ideas and Feature Requests.

"Well, This is a Strategy Game, of Course!"
This type of forumer will post his decks or strategies for winning against opponents. This is a rarer type of forumer, and usually only a handful (or maybe even none?) are just this type. The place they call home is Strategy and Deck Building.

Keeping the Balance Like a True Gymnast
This forumer has a lot to say about the balance of the game, and they are willing to share their own opinions about it and show their own balance suggestions for it. You will find this forumer in the land of Card Balance Discussion.

The Forum Games Gate Keepers
These forumers are the most active, always posting on the forum games. They are usually the people who have the highest post count, and they are usually the most active on the forums. All you have to do to find one is to look at the forum games subforum and see the latest posters. A special mention to the avid TvM community that came here from the official SC forums.

:warning: ANGER APPROACHING :warning:
Now, this type of forumer is always about ranting about the obscenities of the game. Now, this sounds similar to the controversial guy, but usually this forumer just complains about the game, not worrying about giving a solution to the problem. This is not a bad thing, but it's just not the focus of the person to come up with solutions at the time they posted the thread. You will usually find this type of person in RAGE! mostly, but sometimes you will occasionally find them in general discussion and card balance discussion.

"Hey, I Play Other Games Too!"
This forumer is not afraid too show that they play other games besides Clash Royale, and they will mention them at length sometimes. They will usually mention their love (or sometimes hate) for other games on Off-Topic, AMA & Personal Bios, RAGE!, and Brawl Stars.

The Community Builder
This type of forumer will want to create their own identity on the forums through being a big part of the community. This would be either through posting ways to help other forumers like guides, posting about their own life through off-topic and AMA and Personal Bios, and overall being a presence in a lot of different subforums. This is a rare type of forumer that is appreciated when they come to the forums.

So, that's it for the different types of forumers. I tried to be creative with the nicknames, coming up with a couple of references, but I might've fell flat...

If I were to label myself with these different types, I would be a "The Promote Master", "Mr. Insightful", "Awesome Possum", "I'm Rich! In Forum Posts", "Decoding Enigma", and "The Community Builder"

What types do you fit when comparing yourself to these categories of forumers? Leave your responses down below!

Thanks for reading!
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