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[ONE AND ONLY] {X-Bow} Card Discussion

MainPudgeyMainPudgey Posts: 19Member
edited September 2018 in Card Balance Discussion
when will supercell realise that an x-bow deck requires little skill and the people who play the decks think their good because they can place a building at the bridge RIDICULOUS!! super cell should make the x-bow so that it doesn't target the tower any where on the arena or reduce it's fire rate and length of time it can stay alive for then it would be fair I mean who doesn't hate an x-bow deck!!


  • MainPudgeyMainPudgey Posts: 19Member
    Supercell WAKE UP!!
  • GiorgakisGiorgakis Posts: 3,111Member
    X-Bow requires a lot of skill actually. Siege decks are very predictable since there are not so many siege cards like X-Bow. So they need to be very high skilled and I respect them for that.

    Another arguement against your post is that X-Bow has been debuffed way too much from what used to be a no skill card 2 years ago. Try to play with its old stats. You will see the difference between the current X-Bow and the no skill X-Bow. Back then it could target air. Yep what I said was true. Also it had enough range to place a Tesla in front of the X-Bow while now it can only be placed beside the X-Bow. So stop calling it no-skill now that you got a taste of the actual no-skill one

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  • BlockinlickBlockinlick Posts: 66Member
    I don't know. This post reads like satire...
  • dude2050dude2050 Posts: 562Member
    i'm going to have to disagree with you on this one i'd have to say that imo that xbow is one of the most balenced cards along with miner and musketeer. this is one of the two seige buildings and because of this it is easily expected and pretty easy to counter. this makes it a battle at the bridge.
    seige is easily countered by beatdown.

    p.s i'm a seige player and also what arena are you in
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  • Elow228Elow228 Posts: 73Member
    LOL. Xbow is difficult to play. You have to do everything in your power to defend the xbow.
  • TrainerWroyceTrainerWroyce Posts: 783Member

    That slender dragon tho
  • PAZBoyPAZBoy Posts: 896Member
    Xbow requires a lot of skill. It's mostly seen on higher arenas
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  • Tommy78Tommy78 Posts: 292Member
    I think it has a slight advantage only because it's not used as often as other cards. It's used a lot now, but it'll take time for them to realize it. I think it just needs a bit slower targeting.
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  • LiverwolfLiverwolf Posts: 3Member
    edited October 2018
    I’m a f2p player, which only spent less than $500, and my cards is super unbalance. I like to play at ladder but my cards level variety aren’t good enough.

    My win condition at proper level in my trophy level now is only Hog Rider (12) and X-Bow (12). I love playing with X-Bow, it give me thrills when I tried to defend that or have a connection!

    But, lately, X-Bow is been too easy to counter, especially when I got outleveled (which only by 1 level) by a beat-down deck. I think X-Bow needs a buff. I’m thinking about making the deploy time faster a bit would be cool.

    Thank you!
  • VengeanceVengeance Posts: 1,403Member
    I don't think xbow needs a buff. Xbow decks are high skill, so once you learn how to always make connection and defend it, you win.
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  • kitsune42kitsune42 Posts: 334Member
    Against Golem or Giant it's really difficult or impossible to win. Giant is so cheap in Elixir it's always there and I get in Elixir disadvantage defending it. After some rounds with Giant against X-Bow, I have nothing left to defend and lose!
    But after some months of training, now there are sometimes players with a troop placement that is perfect for me to win. I guess above 4600 they will vanish! At the beginning I thought everybody is the perfect anti-X-bow player...
    So a buff against Beatdown would be great but I have no idea how they can do it without making X-Bow OP.
  • killerkiller Posts: 1,201Member
    I have to admit I just despise siege. If it was a democracy I would vote against siege buffs everytime. For whatever reason, maybe because it feels more formulaic then most, I just find siege annoying. I’ve even been off to a strong start and just quit when I realized it was siege. Sometimes I’d rather quit and take a loss then win but be annoyed for the next 2-3 minutes.
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  • No_C_StickNo_C_Stick Posts: 134Member
    As some one else said, Xbow is a high skill card. Wins against good Xbow players are extremely hard to come by because the standard Xbow deck can easily be spammed.

    Of course, if the opponent has higher level cards than you, you will have a harder time. But since most Xbow decks rely on commons to support the Xbow, it isn't that difficult to over level that deck either.

    What exactly do you run with your Xbow?
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  • VengeanceVengeance Posts: 1,403Member
    As killer said above, most Xbow decks are formulaic, run a new xbow deck which will be harder to predict by opponent. A beatdown opponent wouldn't expect a mini P with Xbow and you can surprise them.
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  • MasterCalMasterCal Posts: 2,349Moderator
    Beatdown as a general rule will hard counter siege. You just have to make sure you defend their pushes and don't let them build up elixir.

    Seth said on Twitter though that'd he look at the state of siege in the game. He didn't rule out any changes, but I doubt they'd come in the next balancing update

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