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[Card Idea] Sniper

Hi everyone! I'm back! I had to take time off for:
First: School Work. AP exams are approaching.
2nd: A trip abroad for my grandfather's funeral.
3rd: More school work as a result of a week off.


2 Elixir / Epic
Health: (All levels) 1
Damage: 325 (Prince)
Hit Speed: 2 sec
DPS: 162
Targets: Air & Ground
Range: 6.5
Speed: Slow

Initial Hit: 1 sec

Description: Do not release him during a bait meta. A super fragile glass cannon with a long range. He has the same dps as a wizard, but no health. Play him like a dart goblin.

Playing With On Defense: Play him the same way you would play bats. Bait the cheap spell, and then punish with the Sniper. Due to the sniper's long range, he can be played on defense right in front of or even BEHIND the king, where logs can't hit him and zaps are a risk. Unlike the Dart Goblin, he is likely not to walk out of the king's protection due to his slow speed. For example, against a giant push, use ice golem to tank the support and play bats to counter everything. If the bats are zapped, used the sniper to take out the giant and then the support. The sniper is also a good card to counter squishies with, since he can one-shot the smaller ones (like archers and goblins; don't use him to counter skarmy due to slow hit speed), and two shot larger ones (like the wizard and musketeer, given he has something to tank). He is in fact an excellent counter to the baby dragon.

Playing With on Offense: Play him, once again, like a Dart Goblin. Once the opponent's spell has been baited, punish. Hard. With something to tank, he is an offensive beast due to his massive point damage. Two Snipers would actually be a pretty good synergy if the opponent doesn't have a spell up, since they can easily take out some troops (wizard, musketeer, even a barb barbarian).

Playing Against on Defense: Treat as an easy to kill dart goblin. Spam all of your spells at him if possible. Remember, if even one of your troops even gets only one hit on him, you don't have to deal with anymore, which means: Positive Elixir Trade.

Playing Against on Offense: Now the Sniper is much easier to kill. If you have ever tried playing with the magic archer, you will know that one of the foremost ways to kill the magic archer is to spam stuff at him once he crosses the bridge and hope they connect often enough to kill the magic archer. This countering strategy is even more potent against the Sniper. If in doubt, look at the above section.

My Opinion: Seems both overpowered on defense and underpowered on defense. That balances out to balance, so YAY!

As you can tell, I'm trying to cover for the fact that the idea is garbage by writing way too much. Oh well. I'm going to do that for my next ideas too.

Balancing? Compliments? Pity Parties?
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  • ferrell34ferrell34 Posts: 1,323Member
    A higher risk and higher reward, cheaper Dart Goblin. I don't think the game needs another cheap spell bait card anymore, as well the community. Especially a long range and a low hp one.

    You did a good job at balancing though. But a no from me.
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  • TTtheTTTtheT Posts: 1,402Member
    I think it is balanced well but it doesn't really fit in the medival clash royale theme

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  • CarlsonCarlson Posts: 1,059Member
    First off, I'm sorry for Your loss. :(
    Second, nice idea, its like a riskier to play Dart Gob, but it is more rewardy.
    Only 1 hp? maybe try to 100 or 200, since a sniper shooter cant only have 1 hp, even a skeleton doesnt have that low hp, maybe consider his hp to be 150-250.
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  • ferrell34ferrell34 Posts: 1,323Member
    Dang, didn't notice that. I was probably sleepy when looking throughout this thread. Sorry for your loss.
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  • TrainerWroyceTrainerWroyce Posts: 781Member
    edited April 2018
  • TotillityTotillity Posts: 184Member
    Thanks, everyone.
    @ferrell34 I mentioned that the sniper shouldn't be released in a bait meta. So not now.

    @TTtheT The musketeer doesn't really either. I Imagined that the Sniper is a really thin hunter (moustache included) with a musketeer gun.

    @Carlson The entire idea of the card is something with only one hp. I based the idea around having 1 hp. It introduces interesting limitation, and may prompt a new archetype (along the lines of "bait the TROOP counter".

    @TrainerWroyce That is actually an interesting story. Back when you posted the idea, I was reminded of my idea the Sniper Tower (concept: long ranged, heavy hitting building). But since you just posted your sniper, I couldn't post mine. I'd like to think my idea is different (with the same name).
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  • EnderHunter8EnderHunter8 Posts: 225Member
    First off, sorry about your Grandfather, it's hard to deal with losing a family member I would think.

    And now onto the card

    It's good all in all, but I do have a number of complaints to list

    - 1 HP: Hmm... is he a skeleton sniper? that's some pretty low HP especially for somethg with skin.

    - Sniper Rifle: Okay, so musketeers have a range of about 5-6 tiles or so, which means that this is either, really not a sniper rifle or anything related, or it is a sniper rifle, and that's still pretty heavy technology for medieval.

    - Range: Okay, so the MA has 11 tile range, and the princess has 12-13 tile range. The muskateer has again.. about 5-6? Dart Goblin has about the same range as the sniper. My complaint? I feel this guy should have more, he seems a little too UP for something that's supposed to be high risk high gain. make it 8-9 and I'm happy.

    - Elixir Cost: Sniper is cheaper than the Dart Goblin, same range and more damage, and generally, both would get one shotted by most troops. I suggest making it 4-5 Elixir and maybe possibly give it a shield.

    That's all I have to say, its a good idea but I think it's missing some key elements in it, mention me when/if you reply to this.
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