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Strict Wars, Relaxed Clan - Iron~Ethos [4300] #2YU2YRL2

brother_naturebrother_nature Posts: 78Member
edited February 26 in Clan Chat
Want to be part of a Legendary War clan with virtually no jerks or wet fishes? To be part of a clan with friendly, supportive ACTIVE players? We have 43/50 excellent request/donators and we mercilessly boot anyone who doesnt complete war attacks, unless told ahead of time and with good reason. Eldership buys you some leniency but carelessness for your fellow clanmates’ war efforts is heavily feowned upon. We war at every opportunity. You dont have to join every war, but every war you join must not only be completed (4 matches) but you must exhibit some degree of care in your deck build.
We’re actually pretty relaxed in the chat but dont mess around with AWOLs or careless war joiners. And lastly we appreciate all constructive criticism regarding decks and strategy but any prickishness isn’t tolerated. Thanks!


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