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Photography thread

ChuckNKChuckNK Posts: 144Member
So, I've been taking a lot of pictures lately and editing some. I'm not that experienced with editing but I try. I want to see pictures you guys take here! I will post mine as well, here is one:

I hope to see some good pics!


  • motrepipmotrepip Posts: 11Member

    Sunrise in Kansas City
  • ChuckNKChuckNK Posts: 144Member
  • mrsodnealmrsodneal Posts: 77Member
    Toad at my husbands work (he took the pic, too)
  • TheDankPrinceTheDankPrince Posts: 216Member
    mrsodneal wrote: »
    Toad at my husbands work (he took the pic, too)

    Looked like a snake at first, I was like "huh"

    P.S. With all the amateur photography this page is going to take time to load isn't it?
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  • LegoTrooperLegoTrooper Posts: 187Member
    Do not click if you are scared of spiders!
    You have been warned.
    It's my background on my phone, picture taken by me.
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  • AiedailAiedail Posts: 245Member
    Here's a pic I took with my phone of central Gothenburg a while back.
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  • ChuckNKChuckNK Posts: 144Member

    I'm getting back into photography, post your images here =)
  • TrainerWroyceTrainerWroyce Posts: 781Member
    edited May 5
    Banff National park but with a twist in positioning

    Sry about the quality I only have my IPad 4 Pro camera
  • ChuckNKChuckNK Posts: 144Member
    Sorry for the very late reply, but WOW @TrainerWroyce it looks amazing man!
  • TheBlastoiseTheBlastoise Posts: 150Administrator
    Saw this discussion and want to add to it.


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