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Hey guys! Today, I will be providing an index of all the analysis threads and guides and a brief synopsis of each of them.

Note that not all of the guides/analyses will be in here because some of them will not fit the three criteria I have listed.

The first criteria is that the guide/analysis must be up to date with the current meta in Clash Royale and current balancing. For example, my guide on "Bait and its Qualities in Current Decks" is for the mega knight meta, and since it's not been updated with the current meta, it's not applicable for this index. If it were to be applicable, then the thread would have to be updated.

The second criteria is that duplicate guides/analysis threads by the same forumer will not be in this index. For example, my guide, "What is the real value of challenges?" is part of my full guide of "The Best Way to Spend your Money (Updated with new shop!)", so it will not be included in the index. The latest thread on the subject will be the one that would be put up on this index.

And, the final criteria is that this index will only include analyses/guides from General Discussion. That means that no other subforums will be included in this index.

So, here's the list (separated by categories)

The Shop and Spening Money

The Math Behind The Boosters - Are they worth it?

This analysis goes over the math behind the boosts in Clash Royale, and sees if it is worth the cost to buy them. All 3 boosts are included in this analysis.

The Best Way to Spend your Money (Updated with new shop!)

This analysis details what the best way to spend your money in Clash Royale is through the use of gold value formulas and converting to gems and money, finding the times value from those values. A more detailed explanation is shown in the analysis itself.

Are Tournaments Worth It? A Look at the Real Value of Tournaments

This analysis shows the real value of tournaments using a gold value formula, converting it into gems, and then finding the times value from the gem formula. A more detailed explanation is shown in the analysis itself.

Matchmaking and Trophy Pushing

The Psychology of fighting in the higher arenas :You're not alone!

This guide's purpose is to help those who are not enjoying the game in higher trophy areas, and it helps them fight the struggles of tilting, thoughts of rigged matchmaking, fighting the meta, facing overleveled players, and overall every day experiences.

Trophy pushing and Tilt Avoiding Guide

This guide shows important tips to know when pushing in Clash Royale. This also includes how to avoid the tilt as well.

Game Mechanics

The Push: An In-depth Look at This Clash Royale Mechanic

This guide defines the push in Clash Royale and details the offensive and defensive situations that the push is used for.

Cards and Interactions

An Analysis of Area Damage

This analysis goes over the different kinds of splash damage in the game and details what situations they are used for.

An Extremely Detailed Analysis of Spells In Clash Royale

This analysis goes over all of the spells in the game and details what situations they are used for and what their strengths and weaknesses are.

Card Analysis #1: Ice Wizard

This thread dissects the ice wizard, and it shows its strengths, weaknesses, uses, and relationships with other cards.

Card Analysis #2: Mini P.E.K.K.A

This thread dissects the history and stats of the mini pekka along with its strengths, weaknesses, and relationships with other cards.

(Guide) How many hitpoints does each building loses after being spelled down

This guide shows the exact numbers on how long buildings last after they are hit with a spell by figuring out the hitpoint to lifetime ratio and then doing some math to figure out the limetime decrease.

History and Macro Look at the Game

The whole Clash Royale history

This analysis goes over the entire Clash Royale History and all of the events that have happened. It goes from beta all the way to the current update in the game, and there is a description of each event.

Compare Popularity: Clash Royale vs Clash of Clans

This thread compares the popularity of Clash Royale and Clash of Clans by interest over time, and it shows which is more popular in different regions.

Sheets Royale

Sheets Royale – Now with Quest Information!

This thread provides a link to a google sheets that goes over all of the statistics and inner workings of the game including the stats of the trainers and hidden stats of every troop, for example. This is the ultimate resource for any person making a card analysis thread, and it even includes a card balance calculator for card interactions.

Sheets Royale: Card Classifications

This thread provides a link to a Google sheets that classifies cards according to their attributes and explains what those attributes are in that post.

Sheets Royale: Progress Calculator

Computes progress from variety of gamemodes (ladder, clan wars, challenges, etc) and for gold and gems.


Supercell ID Tutorial- Learn how to use it properly!

This guide details how to use Supercell ID in Clash Royale, and how to make one if you don't have one already.

[FOCUS] How to make Custom Tournaments great again?

This analysis goes over the core problems with custom tournaments and develops solutions to these core problems.

So, that's all of the analyses/guides right now. Let me know if I missed any analyses/guides that fit the three criteria!
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