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May Update Sneak peak 1 - Heist 2.0

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Welcome to the first overview of the may update before arrival.

Heist game objective has been reworked! Two teams will battle with each other and try to destroy each other's safe. The first team to destroy other's safe will win the match!

With that said, The maps of Heist will also be adjusted to be symmetrical. All brawlers can be played as a Strategy composition.

In short, heist had 1 safe. now it has 2 safes!

So let's look at the new symmetrical and even more balanced designs of all heist maps.
New Heist 2.0 Maps

✓Safe Zone
✓G.G. Corral
✓Kaboom Canyon
✓Bandit Stash

So here are the videos by respective Youtubers showing you the Heist Gameplay at it's Earliest.

Coach cory:




Other youtubers:

Additional side Improvements
> New animation and Re-skin for Jessie and her Turret.

>New attack animations for Darryl

{Source : youtube and reddit}
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