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The no-sense sig pic & avatar shop of JcttehTheWise!

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- Your post count must be at least 50.
- Follow the request sketch, detailed in the thread.
- Follow the Signature Shops Subforum Rules as well.

How to use a signature picture
  1. Copy the link of the image.
  2. Go to your profile by clicking your name on top right of your screen.
  3. Click "EDIT PROFILE", also at top right.
  4. Click "Signature settings". The option is at the bottom of the list on the right.
  5. Write this:
  6. Click "SAVE" and enjoy your image!
Hello everyone and welcome to my own no-sense sig pic & avatar shop!


Here, I will try to create my own art style, getting away from GFX stuff and providing a more hand maded drawing style!

First of all, obviously, I'll show you some examples about sig pics:

Example Sig Pics:
Username: Metagon; blued gray color; metallic theme
Slogan: Deadly Machinery; dark blue color
Background: gray trapeziums, also two spiky gears on the left and on the right

Username: Cholromorph; yellow-green color; molt theme, make "o"s look like eyes and add an alien head on the right and a hanging skull on the left
Slogan: Toxicity Eater; dark green color
Background: a twilight on a city, with some green pools

Username: DrakeShark; brown + gray colour; wooden theme, shark theme at "S", add a pirate hat on the "D"
Slogan: Gobernor of the Seven Seas, gray color
Background: ocean with a pirate flag floating there...

Username: Frozoat; light blue color; icy crystals theme
Slogan: Living in the Everest Depths, blue color
Background: some mountains, and some kind of Yeti behind the username

Username: Pentaguardian; golden color; bright compiled theme
Slogan: Master of Teamwork; burgundy color
Background: chip theme, add also [shared creature concept (it could be a card idea) whose body parts are splitted]

Username: Ragtarot; dark red color; hell sharpy theme
Slogan: Dictator of the Apocalypsis; green-yellow theme
Background: add a giant golden eye with purple iris with blue-purple fire on the left and on the right, in front of a black-red background, and two mystical sharpy hands with eyes and gray ribbons covering their wristes

Custom sig pics/banners currently done:

Custom avatars currently done:

Sooooo... how can you request?

In the case of sig pics, follow this sketch:

- Username.- your forum name, obviously. You can provide a color and a theme. You are (almost) free to request any kind of theme, either "bones", either "books", either "helmets", either "fast food"... Your mind (and my drawing capabilities) is your limit!
- Slogan.- (optional) a simple phrase under your nickname. Make sure that your slogan isn't too long (let's say up to 30 chars), and obviously that it doesn't contain anything against the forum rules. Also you can provide your slogan colour.
- Background.- similar to username themes, you can also provide a background theme, or else provide a detailed description of what do you want exactly.

In the case of avatars, there's no a concrete sketch, just tell me what do you want to be appeared!

Note: there's no problem if you aren't specific enough. In fact, the less specific you are, probably the most creative it is!

One last point: requests will be posted on this thread, tagging you so you get a notification when the request is finished.

Nothing much to say now... I'll wait for your request!
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