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Frequently asked Questions

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Please kindly read through the thread if you have any questions or queries. If your question isn't answered here, then you can inbox a staff member or ask your question(s) in the thread.

Developer and Rank related questions
Q1 : Why was this site created?
Ans : Well, I think most of you know the answer, it was created because the official forums were getting closed and many forumers didn't want to shift to reddit.

Q2 : Who are Developers working on this site?
Ans : We currently have two developers, Blastoise and Yohan. Blastoise is mainly the website Programmer and Yohan is the GFX Developer.

Q3 : I have some moderation experience and want to help the forums as a staff member, where can I apply?
Ans : Thanks for the concern, but sorry to say, we don't have a form or anything similar by which you can apply. Moderators and Helpers are chosen by the Developers when they think they need, so please wait patiently and most importantly, act mature and show your helpfulness for this forums.

Q4 : I don't think x deserves to be a staff member, what can I do?
Ans : Well, firstly, think ten times why you think x dosen't deserves to be a staff (each staff member is chosen because they deserve it and by some point, they showed their concerns for the forums) and if still you think the same, then you can contact the Developers about that, but please don't bother them without a real reason.

Forum related questions
Q1 : I think I got an undeserved infraction or warning, what can I do?
Ans : In this case, you need to contact the Moderator who gave you the infraction and kindly ask him/her why did s/he give that and if possible can they remove it or not.

Q2 : I saw a thread which is breaking the forum rules, what can I do?
Ans : If you are sure and confident, the thread is breaking a forum rule, then you need to flag (report) the post and when a Moderator comes online, they will review the thread and take actions against it as per forum rules. View this guide if you don't know how to flag a post.

Q3 : I have some queries, what can I do?
Ans : For any queries regarding the forums, you can ask a Moderator or Helper and they will be more than happy to help you. :)

Q4 : I have some suggestions, where can I post them?
Ans : You can post them in Forum Talk or in our
Discord Server

Q5 : I have found a bug, what should I do?
Ans : Just like suggestions, you can post them in Forum Talk or in the Discord server and the Developers will look into it. :)

Q5 : How can I upload a signature?
Ans : At first, you need to upload your signature to an image hosting website and copy the link and paste it.
Remember to follow this code while you paste the link :

Q6 : What code are we using in the forums?
Ans : We are using BBcodes. All of the BBcodes including spoilers can be used here. View this for a list of BBcodes and this for BBcode colors or hexcodes.

Q7 : How can I navigate through the forums?
Ans : Navigation through the forums is quite easy. As the reply is a bit long, I used spoilers. Please click 'show'.

As shown in the picture above, below "Add a Comment", you can find Categories, and some other buttons, you can easily navigate through your own threads, comments and all other categories.


You can go back to the home page by clicking the Clash Royale Community header image also.

You can also navigate through individual categories by clicking on their name. This category list can found below "post a comment".

Q8 : How can I color a text?
Ans : For coloring a text, you need to use BBcodes. Each color has a specific bbcode which can be used for coloring a text, link or a hyperlink.
Follow this code :
[color={color hexcode}]{text here}[/color]
Example :
[color=#1E90FF]Blue Text[/color]
Common BBcode colors
Red - #FF0000
Green - #008000
Blue - #0000FF
Indigo - #4B0082
Brown - #A52A2A
For a list of all color codes, view this index.

If you have any questions, please ask in the thread.


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