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When does a grand challenge pay out?

JeetsJeets Posts: 293Member
Hey guys I've done two grand challenge and here's what I got

When does it pay out?
When do you get value for 100 gems?


  • AquaAqua Posts: 1,117Member
    If you get 10k or more gold thats value because 10k gold are 500 gems and u get cards too
    That’s a ton of value, I’ve heard that it pays out as early as 2 wins
  • DaScavengerDaScavenger Posts: 28Member
    I think at 2 wins, the chest gives slightly more value per gem than buying gold/cards from the shop, and at 3+ wins it's a lot better,

    If you're getting 10 and 8 wins, that's definitely worth it. If you can consistently get even 5 wins per Challenge, it's definitely worth it to save up and do Grand Challenges.
  • DarmaniacDarmaniac Posts: 8Member
    i dont matter doing challenge.
  • Bmille3Bmille3 Posts: 137Member
    2 wins according to OJ
  • pyguyofdoompyguyofdoom Posts: 61Member
    i think its 3 wins for positive, and 2 for breaking even
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  • MichealloMicheallo Posts: 204Moderator
    It pays out at 2 statistics wise but I personally believe you shouldn’t do grand challenges unless you can get 5-6 wins just to get that added value that comes alone with the 100 gem price tag.
  • MathChampMathChamp Posts: 1,720Moderator
    Well, for legendary hunting, 8 wins is the minimum # of wins to get a better value of gems to buy a legendary in the shop than to buy a legendary chest.

    Basically, at the rate of your wins, it is more worth it to grind out grand challenges instead of buying legendary chests. Also consider that a legendary chance is 13% for an 8-win challenge chest.

    So, yes, it is SO worth to do grand challenges, especially when you can get 8 wins consistently.
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