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Looking for loyal active members. Moon Crickets #YLOU98 Silver League ll / 1182 trophies

SpankySpanky Posts: 8Member
edited June 2018 in Clan Chat
Actively looking for new members. Trophy req 4K but will lower if interested. We always promote those who are active. Top 3 in clan wars every time. 41/50 members and looking to fill up. Clan score 41219... Great clan. Someone is always on and we all donate to help level up our cards. Always friendly battles and weekly in house tourneys. Come check us out.


  • SpankySpanky Posts: 8Member
    Still have some spots open. Currently in 1st place in this clan war
  • SpankySpanky Posts: 8Member
    Just took 1st place in this last clan wars!!! Come join and help us out.
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