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Truffle Butter (#22PUV89) 3165 clan trophies looking for 4k+ active members!

Wbattle45Wbattle45 Posts: 27Member
edited September 2018 in Clan Chat
Truffle Butter (#22PUV89) has been around since day one, with a core group of long time co leaders, who have transitioned from a weekend farm clan into a war clan. We have a loyal, active and friendly member base that is talkative and willing to help others out.
Our main rule in the clan is to be respectful to one another.
Currently we are at 3165 Clan trophies, with a 1st place legendary chest waiting for us at this seasons end. Most members are at the 4300-4600 range with a decent group in league 4/5.
We use discord to help us keep track of wars better. A quick ping to the clan and someone will hop on right away to help with a war day practice a 2v2, etc. The discord also has a useful stats bot to check out where you are in the chest cycle, best/worst performing members in clan, and much more.
Our leader keeps track of cards collected W/L of each month, and provides a cool 'top 5 ' list for the top war performers for various catagories of the previous months.
We do require a few practice battles to warm up with a deck prior to going into a war day battle.
We do not have a donation requirement due to not having the need for one yet. Everything gets filled very fast. That being said, we do get on the small few that do not hold their own.
Promotions are earned based on loyalty, donations and activity. Performing well and or helping others get ready for war is also a fast track way to get promotions.
We also host clan based tourneys every week and a half. saturdays and Wendesdays!
Most of the clan is in their 20s and 30s, however we do have a decent group of late teens. Come check us out! You won’t be disappointed!

We also have a secondary clan named ButteredTruffle #9GPUJRY2 that takes members in the 3k range, if you are a bit too underleved for legends leauge, then check us out here!


  • Wbattle45Wbattle45 Posts: 27Member
    We have found two new solid members today! Looking for a few more to fill up our roster. Not 4k trophies? We have out secondary clan ButteredTruffle that accepts members above the 3600 range, these guys filter into our main clan when ready for gold league wars!
  • Wbattle45Wbattle45 Posts: 27Member
    Found a few new members, clan trophies are now 1772! Still have 6 slots to fill
  • Wbattle45Wbattle45 Posts: 27Member
    Another 1st place in gold league! Up to 1888 Clan trophies.
  • Wbattle45Wbattle45 Posts: 27Member
    Another 1st! At 2005 trophies now! Still looking for 6/7 quality members to fill war spots!
  • Wbattle45Wbattle45 Posts: 27Member
    edited July 2018
    Looking for 8 members as we try to crack the top 200 USA!
  • Wbattle45Wbattle45 Posts: 27Member
    Picked up a few new members! But still looking for a few more! Took a war hit today, but theres always a few bumps in the road! Currently at 1915.
  • Wbattle45Wbattle45 Posts: 27Member
    Currently at 2062 clan trophies, looking for about ten war capable members!
  • Wbattle45Wbattle45 Posts: 27Member
    Still looking!
  • Wbattle45Wbattle45 Posts: 27Member
    12-3 so far this war, looks like another 1st place is coming!
  • mrorange17mrorange17 Posts: 2Member
    We are looking to merge our clan with another, interested. We are all adults and serious about the clan and love some dark banter?
  • Wbattle45Wbattle45 Posts: 27Member
    Another 1st place in the books!
  • Wbattle45Wbattle45 Posts: 27Member
    2nd place! Looking for a good ten members for war!
  • Wbattle45Wbattle45 Posts: 27Member
    Still looking for 10 gold league ready members!
  • Wbattle45Wbattle45 Posts: 27Member
    Looking for 5!
  • Wbattle45Wbattle45 Posts: 27Member
    Looking for six members!
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