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I run a clan family in legendary league AMA

My clan just reached legendary league and top 40 global, Twitch SirTagCR. Ask me anything, mainly clan wars.


  • MasterCalMasterCal Posts: 2,356Moderator
    What's your strategy with deck building for wars?

    CR Stats PB: 4609 KT: 12. Card lvls: Mostly 11 with some lvl 10 Rares and lvl 12 Commons 91/91 cards unlocked. IGN: Hardcase Royale.

    BS Stats: 16 Brawlers. IGN: ΜαΣτεπςαλ

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  • lolnopoundlolnopound Posts: 3Member
    MasterCal wrote: »
    What's your strategy with deck building for wars?

    Sorry for the late response. I may make a video on war core cards, but we always try to get miner poison if available it's so damn good. PEKKA is also great defensively.

    But the main key is recognizing who your best players are and just following their lead. I know who the best players in the clan are so when we see one of them when with a deck we all try it out. We try to all use the same 2-3 decks for the most part, but obviously personal preference and card levels can affect this.
  • LordDravenLordDraven Posts: 275Member
    I joined up with one of these Clans guys, and they are super legit. SirTag is a huge Pro Player and all his clans are made up of very competent and skilled players. The one I'm in is in gold 2 right now by way of 17 straight 1st place wins with no sign of slowing down.
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