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[Card Idea] Fighting Shack

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sup mates' ferrell34 here!
Dang, it's been a very long while since i make a new card idea. My laziness indeed is way more overpowered than Lvl 13 EBarbs in Hog Mountain. There's not much introductions or forewords i can say, so let's start:

Fighting Shack

Master Builder has sent another of his brilliant contraptions into the Arena! It looks like a Cannon in a Shack. But when the Shack is cracked, it's actually a Flying Machine!

Basic Mechanic
Active Defensive Building. Has moderate Hitpoints and DPS, and long range. Nothing special about it's Initial attack speed and Load time. Not so durable.

1. Flying Machine Drop. On death, this Building spawns a Flying Machine. Like the way Tombstone spawns 4 skeletons on death.

Balancing (TS)

Unlocked in Jungle Arena, costs 5 Elixir and it's an EPIC.

Upradeable Main Stats
Hitpoints: 932 | Damage: 146 | DPS: 146 | Flying Machine Level: 7 |

Main Stats
Hitspeed: 1 sec | Range: 6 tiles | Targets: Ground | Lifetime: 30 sec | Deploy Time: 1 sec |

Hidden Stats
Sight range: 6 tiles | Load time: 0.6 sec | Initial attack speed: 0.4 sec | Flying Machine Deploy Time: Instant (no delays) | Flying Machine Drop Delay: Instant | Building size: 2x2 (like Tesla) | Hitbox radius: 0.5 tiles |


The Fighting Shack has good defensive capabilities towards any incoming Ground Troop and also good Counterpush capabilities. But how to use them? Let's cover that up:


1. Common Defense
What's that? The common use of Active Buildings of course. Place the building on the center of your teritory, pull the incoming threats to the center while dealing damage to them overtime to enter them into range of both of your Crown Towers. However, the difference between most defense buildings is that Fighting Shack takes less space, like Tesla. Which make Fighting Shack more versatile in reactive conditions. This is very effective againts Building Targeters, especially the slow ones.

2. Tank and Spank
Of course, this technique is often used in defense. There's a fragile damage dealer and a tank that holds off the enemy. But, there's a difference if we're talking about Fighting Shack. The Fighting Shack can be the meat shield: the first one! First, pull the enemy to the center with the Common defense tech and let them destroy the Shack. Afterwards, the Flying Machine is spawned. Then Second and the final one, is to put another meat shield to protect the Flying Machine such as Knight, Ice Golem, Skeletons, etc. (depends on situation). Make sure to place them just right at the moment Fighting Shack is destroyed, to prevent air targeters from targeting it. This is very effective againts pushes such as Bridge Spam

1. Counterpush
Try to keep the Flying Machine alive after defending, as it would deliver an amazing counterpush with a tank. That's all, maybe could be used a Siege guard but i don't think it's a good idea because of Fighting Shack's lack of durability, spell resistant, damage and air defense, unlike Tesla. Plus, extra cost.

Like Cannon, this Building is weak againts high dps troops especially the long range ones and air units, such as Musketeer and Minions. However, the difference is that don't use your Poison/ Fireball to destroy your opponent's Fighting Shack. Wait until it drop the Flying Machine, or.. for Poison users until the Fighting Shack's hp is low enough. Also, Lightning can't destroy both Fighting Shack and Flying Machine because there are no delays between the Flying Machine's drop, unlike Battle Ram. Be patient.

Fighting Shack is an Active Defensive Building that targets Ground, has long range, moderate Hitpoints, low-moderate DPS and short lifetime. Fighting Shack drops Flying Machine upon death.

Fighting Shack would be perfect for Bridge Spam, because of it's capabilities that is perfect for Beatdown but requires good Cycling capabilities. Here's a good deck i can think of while using Fighting Shack:
Battle Ram | Fighting Shack | Valkyrie | Zap | Poison | Goblins | Inferno Dragon | Bats | Elixir Rate: 3.3 |

Thanks for reading mates, have a nice day :+1:
Don't forget to write down a feedback to support this idea!
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