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[Card Idea] Lava Spirits

ferrell34ferrell34 Posts: 1,420Moderator
sup mates' ferrell34 here!
I bet you didn't see this coming! :crsmirk:
For those of you who r/wooooosh don't get what i just said, i don't usually make an idea thread (or a thread) not long after i posted one. Anyway, there's not much i'm going to say here so let's get straight to the idea:

Lava Spirits
Their Firepower and Durability has been Enhanced to be better than ever, but they can't jump if there's an enemy nearby. Who'd knew that their will to live were Enhanced as well?


Two Troops, spawns side by side horizontally (like Archers). Has mediocre health, low DPS and melee range. Targets both Ground and Air, moves fast, and deals single target damage. Nothing special about their hitspeed and sight range.

1. Limited Kamikaze Jump
An ability that Spirits possess, 'jumps' to target and dies while dealing area damage upon death. However, unlike most Spirits Lava Spirits has a "dead zone". Meaning, if there's an enemy inside that area they can't Kamikaze and forcefully to attack like a regular troop would. These areas are circular areas that surrounds Lava Spirits and them being the center of the area (like Mortar).

Balancing (TS)

Menu Stats
Cost: 4 Elixir | Rarity: Common | Type: Troop | Unlocked: Hog Mountain |

Upgradeable Main Stats
Hitpoints: 450 | Damage: 100 | DPS: 100 | Jump Damage: 257 |

Main Stats
Hitspeed: 1 sec | Speed: Fast | Range: 2 | Jump Range: 2.5-3 | Targets: Ground and Air | Deploy Time: 1 sec | Count: 2x |

Hidden Stats
Sight Range: 5.5 | Weight: Light | Knockable: Yes | Load Time: 0.7 sec | Initial Attack Speed: 0.3 sec | Homing Projectile: Yes | Jump Damage Radius: 1.8 | Delay Before Jump: 0.25 sec |


Lava Spirits surely is an even higher risk and higher reward card than Fire Spirits. But do you know that they're more versatile in Battle than Fire Spirits? Let's cover up on how to use and counter them:

1. Win Con. Support
Pretty much the basic use of Fire Spirits itself. The Support card behind your tank to destroy incoming swarms. But this time, they aren't as zappable or loggable like Fire Spirits. However, they aren't as jumpy as Fire Spirits as well. So you better carry light spells to destroy swarms that are put on top of them (which is their weakness). The good thing about the health part is the split push potential it has, a good one that is.
2. A Secondary Win Con.
Their moderate health is barely useful on offense, so it's obvious not to use them as tank. But, i'm talking about their jump damage here. Connecting one of them to the tower is like a Hog hit, literally. And there are two of them, side by side, which can be split to both lanes. Use em' in offense to shuffle your enemies' head off.

1. Glass Cannon and Swarm Picker. Another similiar use to their counterpart, Fire Spirits. But this time, you can choose on how you should use them. You can take them off by tank and spank at the same time with Lava Spirits, by placing them near the enemy so they'll not jump and get a use of their moderate health and DPS. Or you can use them like Fire Spirits, sacrificing them for instant damage but make sure you place them right at distance. I believe the first choice is better againts glass cannons, while the second choice is better againts swarms.
2. Tank and Spank. The Classic Technique in defense. When Lava Spirits are taken on this part, they'll be the tank but only for a brief moment. Take a case where we're dealing with Giant and Wizard, this is how you roll: use the Lava Spirits on a position where they'll tank hits from the Wizard then afterwards Jumps on Giant. While the Wizard is distracted, use something cheap but handy to take him out such as Goblin Gang. You can't prevent the incoming damage, but at least you've prevent most of it and you earn quite the elixir advantage.

"They can't jump if there's an enemy nearby", now take that as a weakness. It should be obvious if your enemies are going to use them to take out your Glass cannon and swarms instantly. If they're going to, put something bulky or swarmy near them like Valkyrie, Guards, etc. This will surely works everytime on defense. On offense, it's going to be hard since you can't place any unit on your enemies side. So using predictive swarms or using Miner is the only good counter to them on offense, spelling them isn't a good choice due to their health and cost (except, you figured out a way to spell them without giving you elixir disadvantages).


Lava Spirits is a 4 elixir Common card that spawns two moderate hp fast troops that attacks melee and targets Ground and Air. They also kill themselves from a certain range to deal massive area damage to their target.

Summing from the strategy above, here's a deck i can think of when using Lava Spirits:
Miner Control
|Miner - Poison - Giant Snowball - Lava Spirits - Minions - Goblins - Tesla - Bandit| Elixir Rate: 3.1|

Please leave a feedback below to support this idea and help me as a card creator.
Thanks for reading mates, have a nice day! :+1:
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  • brainiacboybrainiacboy Posts: 589Member
    still don't totally get it.
    maybe display your info on clash royale card creator.
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  • ferrell34ferrell34 Posts: 1,420Moderator
    edited July 2018
    still don't totally get it.
    maybe display your info on clash royale card creator.

    I don't think that would help actually. Let me make myself clear(er):
    Imagine Lava Spirits as regular Fire Spirits, but stronger. These stronger Fire spirits can't suicide if there are enemies near them. When that happens, they proceed to attack like a regular troop (like Barbarians as example) until there are no enemies near them. @brainiacboy
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