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[One and Only] {Guards} Discussion

MSSMSS Posts: 97Member
edited November 2017 in Card Balance Discussion
I feel as if guards need a little buff to be great again. They are my only level 5 epic but get recked by anything lol. They look so good as well in terms of imagery design. Maybe a damage buff.
Guards Balance
  1. What do you think the guards need in terms of balancing?12 votes
    1. Large buff
    2. Medium Buff
    3. Small buff
    4. No change, it's balanced
    5. Small nerf
    6. Medium nerf
    7. Large nerf


  • LegoTrooperLegoTrooper Posts: 187Member
    Shouldn't this be a ONE AND ONLY thread? And they need an hp buff to survive log then they would be viable.
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    I'm still waiting for battleram to get buffed..... Because I have more success with a level 5 skelebarrel than a tourney standard ram.
  • CarlsonCarlson Posts: 1,060Member
    Too low shield hp, really, too low dps and damage as well, they need a bit of rework

  • MrKMrK Posts: 89Member
    The idea behind the card is great. I'm not sure how you could make them better.
    Maybe a 4th guard?
    Maybe make them 2 elixir?
    How about we make them able to throw their spears at flying units?
  • DwynnDwynn Posts: 41Member
    Spells and splash damage kinda wreck the shield otherwise they are super good against single hitters.

    My creative solution is to just make shields and crown towers work the same...spells just do greatly reduced damage to either of them.

    Not being able to zap, log, tornado, or arrow the shields off as easily could be a game changer.

    If it's too powerful, you could just nerf the shield HP down to something like 160 (from 199) so cards like miner, bandit, and musketeer can one-shot the shield instead of taking two shots for each shield.
  • MasterCalMasterCal Posts: 2,349Moderator
    I think guards are an underrated card with their resistance to spells, but outclassed by Skarmy, Gob Gang, Archers, Minions, and even Stab Goblins. I like Dwynn's suggestion above. Alternatively, they could use a slight damage buff to make them better on defense

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  • I think The Log and Arrows shouldn't one-shot Guards, making them quite useless on defense and offense for a POSITIVE ELIXIR TRADE. They should get a shield HP buff and it will be all gud.
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  • AquaAqua Posts: 1,117Member
    Buff shield and damage will be enough
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