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Killercheese`s signature shop returns again!

KillercheeseKillercheese Posts: 65Member
edited November 2017 in Signature Shops
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 </p><p>CExtyWY.png</p><p>Welcome to one of the biggest shops on the old forums! Over 42K views and 1200 replies and 100`s and 100`s of signatures made! We are back again but on the new forums! :) Dont believe me? check this out:                                                                        nK04MiI.png                                                                                                                                                                                                                    JxjhozJ.png</p><p>So you guys might be wondering who is this guy called killercheese and what is "Killercheese`s signature shop returns again?" dont worry guys got you a little bio about myself.</p><p>My name is Killercheese i live in then UK and i love making stuff on photoshop... so i started my own shop and BOOM! people love my art i dont know how and why but the do and im proud :) I have 3 years photoshop experience and i play cr and coc mainly but sometimes brawl stars. I own a youtube channel and i am admin for !</p><p>Y7EBail.png </p><p>So you probably wondering what can i request? Dont worry ive got you covered... You can request anything from twitter header to signatures... from youtube banners to clan banners... ive got you covered and to make your life easier i dont want a format or anything just have to post the colour of the art and what you want on it and any text or anything  you want on it!</p><p>FWY3rco.png</p><p>Here comes the best part!:) You dont have to pay me anything... Everything here is <em><strong>FREE</strong></em>  yes you read it right... i dont charge anything it is completely free and you will have your signature done in 1-3 days! :)<br />
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iromkm2.png<br />
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​Click Show Spoiler to see examples of the work ... I put a spoiler to make the thread shorter (credits to Pancake for the idea!) Enjoy looking at my work!<br />
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kJN1m9r.jpg<br />
sigpic1922341_3.gif           60NTEPA.png                                                                    
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Here as some shop reviews form the old forum... these are 100% real people! :)<br />
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Thanks for creating my signature. im very happy with it. A nice 10/10-<strong>xNegativ6</strong></p><p>I love it thanks​-<strong>Sphinx38</strong></p><p>Killer u guys do amazing work!​-<strong>Sphinx38</strong></p><p>Wow, great job you all...Keep up the AWESOME job-<strong>Zygarde123</strong></p><p>Nice sigs Cheese ​-<strong>Bmille3</strong></p><p>So happy about the new Signature I got from here!<br />
So quick yet so Detailed! 10/10-<strong>IrzaKD</strong></p><p> </p><p><strong>-Clash ON! ;)</strong></p><p> </p><p> </p>

Get your limited time goodbye cr forums signature for free here: order yours today.. let me know if you have ;)



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